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40735Family of Peter Chudik from Smereczne, Poland

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  • Danuta Janina Wójcik
    May 31, 2012
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      village: Smereczna

      gmina Bąkowice, county dobromilski, voivodeship lwowskie
      Roman Catholic parishes:
      a.. Chyrów św. Laurentego
      Greek Catholic parishes:

      a.. Terło Rustykalne Narodzenia Bogarodzicy

      village: Smereczne

      gmina Tylawa, county krośnieński, voivodeship lwowskie
      Roman Catholic parishes:
      a.. Dukla św. Marii Magdaleny
      Greek Catholic parishes:
      a.. Mszana Zaśnięcia Bogurodzicy

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      There was a Greek Catholic church in Smereczna.

      There was no Greek Catholic church in Smereczne. Smereczne was in the domain of the Mszanna Greek Catholic church.

      The LDS catalog is available on-line to determine if they have microfilms. The specific name of the church is not needed to use the LDS catalog.

      The manifest sheet provides the village name, but I can't, and nobody else so far has, stated that they are sure that the spelling is such and such.

      There was no demand that given names were the names of grandparents.

      Hryc (Polish spelling)/Hryts is short form of Hryhoriy, which is Gregory in English.

      --- In GaliciaPoland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, johnangeli27@... wrote:
      > Hello:
      > Like me, I guess you were unable to decipher anything further from the ship
      > manifest images. They were pretty unclear. I wonder if the manifest is even
      > his correct manifest since it did not list Smerezne or Smerezna. Also the
      > father listed Hyrec Chudyk raises some questions in my mind. Both my
      > grandfather and his brother, Philip, named their first born sons, Michael.
      > By tradition, typically that would have been the first name of my
      > grandfather's and his brother's father. Hyrec does not fit that pattern. I
      > may do some further ship manifest checking to see if any other manifest
      > makes more sense even though the one we have used so far is the official
      > one used by immigration to support his citisenship application
      > With regard to your suggestion about church registers, are they available
      > from the LDS folks? If so do you know the name of the Church and whether
      > the Church was located in Smereczne/Smerezna or a nearby village?
      > Thank you for your continued interest. John Angeli
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