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    Oct 31, 2011
      Thank you for the suggestion.  I see where Rybien is now and yes, it is close enough to Krakow to be
      the probable town. 
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      "Rybin" is most likley Rybien, which is located near Nowy Sacz.

      I'm not sure what nad means in the context "nad Rybin". In geographical contexts, I am only aware of nad being used to mean on X river, where X is the name of the river, like nad Wisl~a (on the Vistula (River)).



      --- In GaliciaPoland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, ADELE PONTY <adele-ponty@...> wrote:
      > Hi:
      > Could someone offer me some help with identifying my grandmother's birth place?
      > I always believed that my grandmother was from Kracow, however I recently accessed
      > the 1926 paseenger lists from the Canadian government archives and there I found
      > " Nad Rybin" written under birth place for my baba Franciska.
      > Did she mean "Upper" Rybin? Is this place in existence today or was the name changed?
      > Was Rybin changed to Rypin? There is also a Rybnik in Silesia on the Czech border but she was
      > Polish not Czech.
      > Adele
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