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33860Re: [GaliciaPoland-Ukraine] Film 1922800 Berezowica Mala

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  • Roman
    Jun 30, 2010

      You only need to take a look at a map of the Tarnopol region to see that
      Berezowica Mała is located about 22km north while Berozowica Wielka is
      8km south of Tarnopol.

      According to the Słownik Geograficzny the GC parish for Berezowica Mała
      was located in Iwanczany, a couple km east. The GC parish for Berezowica
      Wielka is located in the village.

      Look at the film 1922800. Five parish books are listed as Item 2, to
      include Berezowica Wielka. Its description reads:

      > Volume 201-4A/214 Births, marriages, deaths 1835 -- Deaths 1836 --
      Births, marriages, deaths 1837-1839 (filmed with Berezowica Mala,
      Iwanczany, Kobyła, and Kurniki Iwanczańskie)

      On reading this, all we can say is that the LDS simply filmed five books
      together. There is no reason to suggest that the villages are near each
      other (one in Tarnopol, the others in the Zbaraż region), based on that



      On 6/30/2010 12:24 PM, Helen Ginn wrote:
      > Listers:
      > After looking at the above-mentioned film I am of the opinion that what
      > we have here is Bishop's copies since all there seems to be is a mixture
      > of a few births, some marriages, and some death records. The place name
      > on the birth documents that we have shows the birth place as Berezowica
      > "Mala" but on the film both Wielka and Mala seem to be combined so can I
      > assume that these two places are side by side and one should look at
      > both Mala and Wielka? Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.
      > Helen Ginn
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