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33692Re: Ukrainian Nationalism

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  • Laurence
    Jun 1, 2010
      Steve Zerkis wrote:

      > Larry, I just read your latest posting to me and I am amazed
      > at what you try to say.

      First you wrote that you agreed with a comment about an unidentified person's mentality (i.e., at that time you didn't know if the comment was about the mentality of Iryna or the mentality of Mustafa). Then wrote that you do not agree with Iryna or Mustafa. So why are amazed that I am trying to determine what you think?

      > The comments about my grandfather and/or father being members of
      > the UPA are both absurd and libelous.

      So maybe my recall failed me. I thought that you wrote several months ago that your ancestor was a member of UPA. I'll check the archives to see who wrote that.


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