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33689Ukrainian Nationalism

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  • Steve Zerkis
    May 31, 2010
      Larry, I just read your latest posting to me and I am amazed at what you try to say. The comments about my grandfather and/or father being members of the UPA are both absurd and libelous. The only army my grandfather served in was the Austrian-Hungarian army in the late 19Th century, after which he started a family and emigrated to the US well before World War One. He never returned to Europe and passed away in 1932. My father was born in the United States and never visited Europe in his life. Neither of them could have possibly be in the UPA at any time or place on this earth. What kind of "research" did you do to even come up with this nonsense? You either come up with proof that either my father or grandfather was a member of the UPA or make a public apology. You own my family that apology.

      As far as the rest of your posting. It should have been obvious even to you that in my describing this person, Iryne Farion, as a "nut case" that I don't agree with her words and behavior. As far as your statement asking "are you now distancing yourself from the extreme Ukrainian Nationalistic movement that is running wild in Western Ukraine?" , I have never even commented on any extreme nationalistic movement in Ukraine. I have never taken a position for or against the extreme Nationalistic movements as represented by Iryna Farion. I never heard of her before a couple of days ago. If her comments and actions represent the whole of the nationalistic movement then I think they are sad. However I doubt if they do represent all shades of differences. You are obviously mistaken again. If you had bothered to ask if i agreed with such extreme positions as hers I would again say "no". Your rationale for saying that I in any way accept Iryna
      Farion's racist and fascist views make no sense what so ever. Your logic is silly. Danuta has made excellent postings and i appreciate the effort she has taken to show the absurdity of this individual's actions and statements.

      If you want this group to engage in a objective discussion of Ukrainian Nationalism, that would be fine but lets approach it in a reasonable way.

      Stefan Zerkis

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