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32888Re: Gateeway to the Carpathians - Minority/Ethnic Group - Boykos

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  • Laurence
    Apr 1, 2010

      Here's a map:




      --- In GaliciaPoland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, Justin Houser <jkhouser84@...> wrote:
      > Danuta and all,
      > Thanks, as always, for posting this informative information.
      > A question to all: Noting that the Boyko land is considered to have
      > stretched up to Ustrzyki Dolne and that there was also a kraina in
      > Olszanica, would the Greek-Catholic inhabitants of the village of Stefkowa
      > likely have been considered Boyko or Dolinian under this classification?
      > Anecdotally - my great-grandmother, a Greek Catholic from Stefkowa, told of
      > how she often took care of sheep in the fields/hills during her girlhood.
      > It appears from the information posted that the Boyko group was heavily
      > involved with sheep raising -- not sure if that is significant or not.
      > I feel fairly certain that my relatives currently living in Eastern Ukraine,
      > who came from Stefkowa (and whom I visited earlier this month!) would be
      > entirely unfamiliar with any classification as Boykos. Of the generation
      > living when my great-great-uncle and aunt left Stefkowa to go east, most
      > were barely children and some have very poor memories.
      > I'm just interested in any thoughts that folks might have in response to
      > this (to me) interesting question.
      > Justin
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