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22238Re: Similuk/Samulak and Myroniuk Surnames

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  • krupniak
    Sep 2, 2008
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      Zaluche (properly known as Zaluche nad Cheremoshem), Sniatyn,
      Ivano-Frankivsk is a proper expression.

      nad Cheremoshem means "on the Cheremosh River". This is needed
      because there is a Zaluche on the Prut River and a Zaluche near

      Sniatyn is the raion (district). Ivano-Frankivsk is the province

      Regarding Kalyna, yes that is her name..Aquilina would only appear
      in her church baptismal record where Latin was mandatory. Sort of
      like, for example, a John would only find Joannes in the church vital
      record books and ask, "who is Joannes?"

      Regarding two Kalynas, when a newborn died (or a child just lived
      for a few months) it was common to name the next child of the same
      gender that name.



      --- In Galicia_Poland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, "graphixkat"
      <lasheskat@...> wrote:
      > First off I want to thank all of you who took the time to answer
      > I really appreciate it and the links are great.
      > The name Kalyna really makes sense actually. According to the tree
      > the lawyers had done the brother of my grgrandfather had two
      > as children, I think one must have died young. They seemed to name
      > their children after other family members. Also, I found a death
      > record in Windsor of a baby that died at birth or shortly after and
      > the baby's parents are listed as Mike (Dymitri went by Michael) and
      > Kallie Semeluk I was never sure if it was them but the baby's name
      > was yet another handed down name so I really suspected it was
      > I have been using records online from all different sources,
      > Ancestry, LDS (which I couldn't find much on the name derivatives)
      > and every other place I can find by endless hours of searching. I
      > have even found some sites in other languages and make good use of
      > online translators.
      > I mistyped myself, the tree from the lawyer says Zalucha, Sniatyn,
      > Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine for grgrandfather and brother...does that
      > make more sense? I get a little confused trying to find villages
      > such because I have run into that fact that some have a Polish
      > a Ukrainian name and a third name of which origin I am not sure.
      > The Zalucze, Czerenosz (saw the C on closer inspection) is on a
      > microfilm image of 1936 Detroit Border Crossing for Grandma Kate.
      > have actually submitted alternate names and such for some of these
      > records on Ancestry so if anyone else is looking for them they will
      > find them. I found one 1930 census with the family and the name
      > listed as Somaleck. I only found that reading for hours anything
      > that looked possible.
      > So the biggest problem is the multiple spellings of the last name
      > which I why I sought help here. It's nice to hear from people with
      > more knowledge than I that Semeluk is most probably the correct
      > at least before immigration. That actually helps a lot. The
      > frustration has just made me want to scream..pick a name already
      > stick with it!!
      > So again thank you all. I am also glad I found this group and am
      > very interested in learning from you. I have a lot of interest in
      > that portion of my heritage and have found so many fascinating
      > about that part of the world.
      > Regards,
      > Tracie
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