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22208Re: Similuk/Samulak and Myroniuk Surnames

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  • krupniak
    Sep 1, 2008

      Aquilina is Latin version of Kalyna. Rusyns/Ukrainians wouldn't
      use Aquilina in their daily lives....just in the church register
      where priest was required to use Latin.

      Fred Hoffman's book discusses the origins of Kalyna...from kalina
      (guilder rose), or Greek word kallimos (beautiful), or from the Latin
      word aquila, which means eagle.

      Since "Accelina" was called "Kathy" I suspect that her parents
      knew that her name was Kalyna, not Accelina.



      Jim Stamm wrote:
      > On Sep 1, 2008, at 5:34 AM, krupniak wrote:
      > > Her "Accelina" name is most likely Kalyna in her native community.
      > I believe it to be Aquilina, more often spelled, Acilina, and
      > pronounced as above.
      > -Jim
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