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22199Re: Similuk/Samulak and Myroniuk Surnames

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  • krupniak
    Sep 1, 2008
      Her "Accelina" name is most likely Kalyna in her native community.

      Zalucze nad Czeremoszem, or the Ukrainian place name is Zaluche nad
      Cheremoshem. It was located in Sniatyn district.

      Note there is a Zaluche nad Prutom. This was one located in Kolomyja

      Fred Hoffman can discuss the various surname spellings. Petrovych
      and Romanivna are actually patronymics, not middle names.



      graphixkat wrote:
      > I have been working on a family tree for years. Problem is I just
      > can't get anything beyond the Detroit Border Crossing for my great
      > grandparents. I was just wondering if anyone reading this might
      > any knowledge.
      > GrGrandmother Accelina Katherine Myroniuk born according to
      > immigration records 31 Mar 1888 in Zalucze, Zeremosz, Poland.
      > let me know if these places are wrongly named since though I have
      > tried, my geography is still not very good for that portion of the
      > world. She had a sister named Caterina Solowon according to the
      > border crossing records. Accelina "Kate" and her husband were
      > apparently also in Canada for a time before immigrating to the
      > States.
      > GrGrandfather Dymitri Samulak..Similuk in States at least for some
      > the siblings and some used Samulak. He was born abt 1888 in
      > Zaluczne, Dist.of Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, again please
      > correct me on names if I am wrong. According to a genealogist who
      > did a tree for a lawyer because of a death, his brother Ivan
      > Petrovych Semeluk and his wife Paraska Romanivna Kuzenko, family
      > still in Ukraine, used the name Semeluk. I am curious which form
      > that name would be correct in Poland/Ukraine. Race was always
      > Ruthenian on border crossings.
      > So if anyone can give me anything helpful..even if it's just
      > corrrections on spelling, locations whatever I would appreciate it
      > much. I have more family member names of Ivan still in Ukraine if
      > anyone is interested. Thanks in advance and even the smallest help
      > would mean a lot.
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