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  • Fred Hoffman
    Apr 1, 2008

      Lavrentiy wrote:

      > The certificate is of standard format. The
      > language is Latin.
      > That format in Latin language is discussed in
      > various translation
      > guides, such as the one that Fred Hoffman and
      > Jonathan Shea have
      > prepared.

      Well, just to clarify this, we're working on a
      translation guide for Latin. It's not done yet. We
      hope to finish it sometime later this year (since
      at this point finishing it earlier this year is
      out of the question).

      Stacey wrote:

      > Hello all, I have uploaded a file and was hoping
      > someone could
      > translate it for me. I know it is not very clear
      > but any help would
      > be great.

      If you're talking about the file labeled "Stacey's
      family," it's fairly easy to read. At upper left,
      it was issued in the Republic of Poland, county of
      Tarnopol, district of Radziechow. Those were the
      political administration divisions in force at the
      time. At upper right are the ecclesiastical ones:
      Diocese of Lwow, Deanery of Lopatyn, Parish of
      Smarzhow. The document is a "Birth certificate,"
      Number 25/38, and it says the following:

      "From the Greek Catholic rite parish office in
      Smarzow, it is noted and certified that the
      following is to be found in the metrical
      registers -- the status animarum -- of this
      church: Theodorus Szewczuk, legitimate son of
      Ignacy and Maria nee Danyluk, farmers in Smarzow,
      was born on 28 May 1888. In certification of which
      I corroborate this with my signature in my own
      hand and the parish seal."

      There is scrawled the notation "R. Basilius
      Hromatka performed the baptism," in what looks
      like a different hand. Then below that is the
      place and date, Smarzow, 15 March 1938, and the
      signature of the parish priest, Rev. Josephus
      Mycak. The seal of the parish church office is
      affixed, as well as stamps that had to be
      purchased and applied to official documents.

      Now, those are the names of people and places as
      given in the document. But the names would have to
      be adjusted to reflect the proper language --
      since it's a good bet the people involved didn't
      call these people or places by Latin names, and
      perhaps not Polish ones either. In other words,
      the Poles call the county seat Tarnopol, but
      Ukrainians call it Ternopil; Radziechow is called
      Radekhiv by Ukrainians. Lwow = Lviv, Lopatyn is
      unchanged, and Smarzow = Smorzhiv. "Theodorus
      Szewczuk" was probably called Fedir Shevchuk, and
      his parents were probably Ihnat and Mariya. The
      priest who performed the baptism was Rev. Vasyl
      Hromatka, and the priest who wrote up the
      certificate was probably Rev. Iosip Mytsak.

      I think I've read everything correctly, but if I
      made a mistake, I'm sure someone will correct

      Fred Hoffman
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