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18616Re: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Friday is translation day.

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  • Danuta Janina Wójcik
    Feb 1, 2008
      Witaj, Bobby,

      2nd part translation

      However, because of the lack of the volume of birth records from Kulaszne around the years of 1900-1913. His (Jana - John) birth records are lacking.

      Father Maksym (Maxim) Kuper was born on the day of the 23.08.1881 in Kulaszne. His birth record appears in the birth (volume) books.

      We have only the volumes of marriage books from Kulaszne around the years 1896 to 1900. The marriage (volume) books for Maksym (Maxim) Kuper are lacking around the years 1914-1919.



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      Many Thanks to Danuta for her guidance through this process of finding
      my MG's records.

      Part 2 anyone..

      z Kulasznego z lat 1900-1913 jego aktu urodzenia brak.
      Ojciec w/w Maksym Kuper urodzil sie dnia 23.08.1881r w Kulasznem jego akt
      urodzenia figuruje w ksiedze urodzen.
      W posiadanych ksiegach malzenstwa z miejscowosci Kulaszne z lat 1896-1900.
      1914-1919 nie figuruje akt malzenstwa Maksyma Kuper.

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