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18598Re: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Friday is translation day.

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  • Danuta Janina Wójcik
    Feb 1, 2008
      Witaj, Bobby, Nie, Nie, Translation Day - Fun Friday!!!

      Congratulations!! You received a reply.

      The translation reads:

      The Office of the Civil Registry in Komancza, informs you the findings of the search of file records for Ann Kuper, born 14.04.1919 from Kulaszne. The daughter of Maksyma (Maxim) and Katarzyny (Katarzyna). And the file records of birth of her brothers and sisters, Pawla (Paul) and Stefana (Stefania - female). Also the file records of birth for Teodora (Teodor) and Piotra (Peter), both died, as young children.

      The search of the file records of birth for Paraskewii (Paraskevia - female), Wasyla (Wasyl) and Szymona (Simon), the children of Jan (John) Anna's brother...............


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      From: Bobby
      To: Galicia_Poland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 1:11 AM
      Subject: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Friday is translation day.

      Really, it is.

      So for those whom need to fine tune their translation skills, you can
      test it out by translating the following into english.

      Urzad Stanu Cywilnego w Komanczy informuje,ze zostal odszukany akt urodzenia
      Anny Kuper urodzonej 14.04.1919r w Kulasznem córki Maksyma i Katarzyny
      i akty urodzen jej rodznstwa ; Pawla ,Stefana oraz akt Teodora i Piotra
      obydwaj zmarli jako kilkuletnie dzieci.
      Oszukane zostaly aktu urodzen Paraskewii, Wasyla i Szymona dzieci jej brata
      Jana , jednak z uwagi na brak kisag urodzen

      Once you have translated everything, press send then we'll have a
      chance to see what you have done. If you've done well, i can add a few
      more sentences.

      Have a nice day...

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