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  • krupniak
    Sep 2, 2007
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      anime_kitchen16 wrote:

      > Hello group members,
      > I finally have a good lead on the ancestral village of my
      > One of my recently-discovered cousins said it was Lemburg, Galicia.
      > Another recently-discovered cousin sent me a group of addresses,
      > envelopes and a letter with addresses on them. They are all in
      > Ukrainian and I need to get a translator (any suggestions?)

      A human being. Most will charge for their time.

      > In the
      > meantime, I was hoping that someone here would be kind enough to
      > translate just the addresses that appear in the Domansky addresses
      > file folder I created in the files section. The one titled
      > "Katherine's Address at Europe" is probably the address of my
      > great-grandmother in the Ukraine/USSR.

      Hlibovychi Sverz'ki

      > The other file titled "1940
      > envelope and note" is probably FROM my great-grandmother Katherine
      > my great-aunt Mary in Troy, NY. What you see here is (possibly)
      > Katherine's return address.


      > What I'd like to know is if Lemburg, Galicia is correct (do these
      > envelopes/addresses say Lemburg?)
      > or is it something totally
      > different? If it's different, what is it?

      Lemberg is German/Austrian name for L'viv. Lemberg was capital of

      The above places are located southeast of L'viv.

      > I've started ordering microfilms (so far just on my grandfather's
      > side) and would like to know where to start searching for my
      > grandmother's family.
      > Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      > -Courtney



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