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13592[Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Re: LDS Microfilm "restricted"

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  • Chris Smolinski
    Apr 3, 2007
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      >Give each nearby FHC a call and ask if they have the microfilm that
      >you want in their indefinite loan and temporary loan collection.

      I was hoping there was something easier than that, like a central
      list the FHL keeps of which films are at which centers. I understand
      there are things called "computers" that make it easy to keep such
      lists ;-)

      >> FWIW, it is a film of some PA church records from the late 1700s
      >> and early 1800s, so I suspect there isn't anyone alive who is
      >> listed ;-)
      >The church requested that the microfilm be restricted, or the
      >microfilm contains other non-related records and those records are
      >restricted, which restricts the access to the entire roll of

      That's entirely possible, I haven't checked to see which other items
      are on the film. I believe the Lutheran libary up the road in
      Lancaster PA has the records, so worst case I can plan a day trip
      there (sorry this isn't directly Galicia related, but I figured some
      of the knowledgeable folks here would know about the FHL microfilms,
      hence my posting here)


      Chris Smolinski
      Black Cat Systems
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