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13589Re: LDS Microfilm "restricted"

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  • krupniak
    Apr 3, 2007
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      Chris Smolinski wrote:
      > No, they didn't get the film, they instead gave a refund on the
      loan fee.
      > I called the FHL in Salt Lake City (I needed to ask them about
      > something else anyway), and they said that it could be because they
      > have exceeded the maximum allowed number of copies for the film, or
      > that they are no longer allowed to make copies of it, the woman did
      > not seem to exactly know. Which brings up a question, is there a
      > to find out which FHC have copies of which films? If I found on
      > relatively nearby, I might be willing to drive there to see it (I
      > not willing to go to SLC, however ;-)

      Give each nearby FHC a call and ask if they have the microfilm that
      you want in their indefinite loan and temporary loan collection.

      > FWIW, it is a film of some PA church records from the late 1700s
      > and early 1800s, so I suspect there isn't anyone alive who is
      > listed ;-)

      The church requested that the microfilm be restricted, or the
      microfilm contains other non-related records and those records are
      restricted, which restricts the access to the entire roll of

      > BTW, the reason for my call was to check on some films I ordered in
      > January that still have not arrived. They said they are very backed
      > up now, running more than 8 weeks late. So if anyone else has films
      > on order, don't worry if they haven't come in yet.

      There's been a staff shortage in SLC distribution operations.



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