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11413Potocki family - Lwow

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  • Maciej Slugocki
    Oct 4, 2006
      I have undertaken a few internet searches for the Potocki family that
      resided in Lwow in the years spanning the 1930s.

      My father occasionally mentioned that Carol Potocki was a close friend
      (colega). My father's family actually resided in "Palac Potockiego" having
      been granted some sort of special tenancy for some historical assistance
      provided to the Potocki family.

      I would be most appreciative of any leads subscribers to this list may be
      able to offer so that I could trace some sort of 20th century history of
      that branch of the Potocki family.

      Thanks in anticipation,

      Maciej Slugocki
      Hobart Australia
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