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10938Re: "Sabordash, Kiel Province, Russia"

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  • Dennis Benarz
    Sep 1 10:21 AM
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      If "Kiel" is abbreviated or truncated, then why not "Sabordash" as
      well? If such is the case, then Zaborowice Duz~e located about 17
      miles NNW of Kielce becomes a candidate. The fully restored
      description would then read "Zaborowice Duz~e, Kielce Province,


      --- In Galicia_Poland-Ukraine@yahoogroups.com, "wfhoffman"
      <WFHoffman@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Sylvia wrote:
      > > I was trying to assist someone that has some incorrect
      information on his
      > > family.
      > > The information has, "Sabordash, Kiel Province, Russia".
      > One possibility worth investigating is that this refers to a place
      in Kielce
      > gubernia (province), which was in Russian Poland. I can't think of
      any other
      > province of the Russian Empire with a name beginning Kiel-, and
      > conceivable someone might have abbreviated "Kielce" as "Kiel." Of
      course, if
      > the place in question was in the Russian Empire, it couldn't have
      been in
      > Galicia -- but Kielce gubernia did lie just north of the border
      > Galicia and the Russian partition.
      > I'm afraid the name of the place is still going to be a problem,
      > "Sabordash" does not show up in any of my sources, and that form is
      > viable as a Polish name. It's probably been mangled somewhere along
      > line. Phonetically it might be connected with a place name
      > Zabrod-, but the "-ash" part is hard to account for.
      > Obviously if the place name is way off, we can't assume the "Kiel
      > part is reliable, either. But in my experience the names of
      > centers were less likely to be mangled past all recognition, simply
      > there weren't so many of them. With individual towns and villages
      there's no
      > telling how badly they could be distorted; but more often than not
      you can
      > puzzle out the name of the province.
      > Don't take my word for gospel, but I thought this was a suggestion
      > making. The place you're looking for may not be in Russia at all,
      but rather
      > in one of the former western provinces of the Russian Empire. And
      of those
      > provinces, Kielce is the best bet.
      > Hope that helps a bit.
      > Fred Hoffman
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