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10102Re: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Obertyn and Stryy

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  • Laurence Krupnak
    Jun 1, 2006
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      Lolly Kozak wrote:

      > I also have a question about the entry of 'Stryy'; would this be the
      > Stryy that is SW of Lviv.

      Stryi is SE of L'viv.

      > I thought that one was in the Lviv oblast... or
      > was it in Ivano Frankivsk at one time. If so when did the change occur?

      Stryi is in Ukraine's L'viv oblast.

      I think it was in Poland's Stanislawow woj. (Poland during interwar

      > what would be the best way to access the inf listed below?

      RTRF provides the location of the records.

      > The following is from the rtrfoundation site:
      > New archive data added to the database from the Ivano Frankivsk Oblast
      > Archives (army records, voter lists, Holocaust documents, Kahal records,
      > property records, police files, lists by occupation, notary and local
      > government documents, school records, immigration records and a few vital
      > records). These records are for the following towns: Bogorodchany, Bolekhov,
      > Bolshovtsy, Broshnev Osada, Bukachovtsy, Burshtyn, Chernelitsa, Delyatin,
      > Dolina, Galich, Gorodenka, Gvozdets, Ivano Frankovsk (formerly Stanislavov),
      > Kalush, Khotimir, Kolomyya, Knyaginichi, Kosov, Kuty, Lanchin, Lisets,
      > Lomna, Marinopol (formerly Mariampol), Nadvornaya, Nikolayev (Mikolayev),
      > Nizhnev, Obertin, Otynya, Pechenezhin, Pereginsko, Pistyn, Rogatin, Rozdol,
      > Rozhnyatov, Skole, Snyatyn, Solotvina, Stryy, Stanislavov (formerly Ivano
      > Frankovsk), Tatarov, Tlumach, Turka, Tysmenitsa, Verkhovina (formerly
      > Zhabeye), Voynilov, Yablonov, Zabolotov, Zhidachov, Zhovten (formerly
      > Yezupol), and Zhuravno.
      > Registrations for small towns and villages were done on a poviat (region)
      > level and new archive data is available for the following poviats/regions:
      > Bogorodchany, Dolina, Gorodenka, Ivano Frankovsk (formerly Stanislav),
      > Kalush, Kolomyya, Kosov, Nadvornaya, Pechenezhin, Rogatin, Skole, Snyatyn,
      > Stanislav (now Ivano Frankovsk) Stryy, Tlumach, Turka, and Zhidachov.
      > Added September 4, 2003
      > Lolly
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