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10096RE: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Obertyn and Stryy

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  • Marilyn Hertenstein
    Jun 1, 2006
      Can you give the correct URL for the rtr foundation.org site you referenced?
      I have interest in one of the cities you listed (Yezupol) and would like to
      look at the page.



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      Subject: [Galicia_Poland-Ukraine] Obertyn and Stryy

      I believe Irene was looking for something on Obertyn. While looking at
      www.rtr foundation.org site, 'Newly added section' I came across this item
      about the Ivano Frankivsk Archives. Perhaps it will be of some use to Irene.

      I also have a question about the entry of 'Stryy'; would this be the
      Stryy that is SW of Lviv. I thought that one was in the Lviv oblast... or
      was it in Ivano Frankivsk at one time. If so when did the change occur?

      what would be the best way to access the inf listed below?

      The following is from the rtrfoundation site:
      New archive data added to the database from the Ivano Frankivsk Oblast
      Archives (army records, voter lists, Holocaust documents, Kahal records,
      property records, police files, lists by occupation, notary and local
      government documents, school records, immigration records and a few vital
      records). These records are for the following towns: Bogorodchany, Bolekhov,

      Bolshovtsy, Broshnev Osada, Bukachovtsy, Burshtyn, Chernelitsa, Delyatin,
      Dolina, Galich, Gorodenka, Gvozdets, Ivano Frankovsk (formerly Stanislavov),

      Kalush, Khotimir, Kolomyya, Knyaginichi, Kosov, Kuty, Lanchin, Lisets,
      Lomna, Marinopol (formerly Mariampol), Nadvornaya, Nikolayev (Mikolayev),
      Nizhnev, Obertin, Otynya, Pechenezhin, Pereginsko, Pistyn, Rogatin, Rozdol,
      Rozhnyatov, Skole, Snyatyn, Solotvina, Stryy, Stanislavov (formerly Ivano
      Frankovsk), Tatarov, Tlumach, Turka, Tysmenitsa, Verkhovina (formerly
      Zhabeye), Voynilov, Yablonov, Zabolotov, Zhidachov, Zhovten (formerly
      Yezupol), and Zhuravno.

      Registrations for small towns and villages were done on a poviat (region)
      level and new archive data is available for the following poviats/regions:
      Bogorodchany, Dolina, Gorodenka, Ivano Frankovsk (formerly Stanislav),
      Kalush, Kolomyya, Kosov, Nadvornaya, Pechenezhin, Rogatin, Skole, Snyatyn,
      Stanislav (now Ivano Frankovsk) Stryy, Tlumach, Turka, and Zhidachov.
      Added September 4, 2003


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