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freezone convention

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  • docwhittaker
    I posted this over on the fz elma site, as my convention report. I finally attended a Freezone convention. It was the first I was able to go to and I m happy I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2009
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      I posted this over on the fz elma site, as my convention report.

      I finally attended a Freezone convention. It was the first I was able to go to and I'm happy I was able to.

      First, It was a great deal of fun.

      We used to say - if it's not fun, it's not Scientology. And some of the 3rd dynamic groups around the subject got pretty serious and massy. Pretty solid.
      This group was not. Sometimes Diane , the person who put on the convention, was attempting to herd , what seemed to be , a bunch of whimsical cats. There was a lot of very fun communication.

      It was nice to see many old friends, and to meet new ones, and to see people whose name I've seen post on the web, and now I had some bodies to go with the thetans.

      The talks were interesting and wide ranging. The mood was very good.

      I contrast this with the last C of S event I attended circa 1982 or so, and it was introduction of the finance police, and several other things not very nice,and I wondered if C of S had been taken over by the 3rd Reich. And left shortly after. That was a very low toned event and a lot of people at that event had their anchor points really shoved in.

      This current Freezone convention showed the power of theta when unleashed together, for a common cause.

      Around 1983 - 1984 or so I talked with David Mayo at his advanced Ability center, and was concerned then that there wouldn't be training in the future.
      Here we are in 2009 and there is training in the Freezone and quite a bit of it.

      One nice thing for me, was that many old friends I ran into no longer wondered if I'd dropped my body, since I'd been somewhat out of comm (but lurking) the last few years.

      It was very nice to see my friends Pat and Ray again, and to exchange some very theta comm with them.

      Some people newly out of the C of S often get concerned about being able to do the bridge, to have training and auditing available, and to have the materials.

      No one should be concerned on this point.

      There are experienced Flag Class XII's auditing in the freezone today, and any number of Class VIII's , VI's and so on. There are very experienced tech, and qual people who know how to train, and correct (properly and with ARC) available; new people are able to do the bridge, have the materials and get trained.

      We have Class VIII's directly trained by LRH, Class VIII's who worked with LRH, and a large number of effective and experienced people.

      Rey Robles brought up a good point, we need to grant beingness to anyone working to improve others, whether 100% Standard tech advocates, or people who agree with the spirit and are helping others to do better.

      That would include the very PTS and suppressed people working so hard in the C of S. In spite of everything, they are trying to create a better world and help themselves and others.

      SP's enforce unwanted be, do and have, and deny wanted be, do and have. And they shoot for the wrong targets and can't complete cycles of action. For example, delivering Super Power.

      People in the Freezone get the be, do and have they want, get less of the be, do and have they don't.

      Before the C of S had any NOTS completions, we had several in the independent field (the name for the freezone at the time), with the auditors and C/s's trained by David Mayo himself. Before the C of S had any OT VIII completions of any type, we had several in the freezone. People do the bridge more quickly, with greater ARC/KRC and with more fun, in the freezone.

      There were missions and orgs in the old C of S that at times operated with the same joy, fun, and effectiveness as the current freezone. They were all stopped, suppressed, and driven out of existence and replaced with robotic organizations devoted to money, rather than "the enabling of another to play a better game in their own estimation"
      (goal of Scientology).

      The spirit of those organizations has rerisen in the Freezone today.

      The convention was a very nice cycle. I was inspired to have some of the first sessions I'd had in years, with incredible results. I'd just finished going again through the wall of tapes on the SHSBC, and the improvement in my auditing after getting the basics really pounded in by that cycle was incredible.

      I had some very nice cognitions about how one can attain native state, knowingly and at will, and can choose to play games , (native state is a no games condition) or be in native state as one chooses.
      It's not a binary proposition, you can do both, and choose a game , games, or native state at your choice. You can then bring back things from native state which can improve and enhance the design, and playing of games.

      You can also operate as an OT, in areas, even if one is not yet clear, and one has not yet attained some stable OT state. Just as one has no case as an auditor or student, one can operate with no case in areas, as yourself.

      On the Briefing course Ron makes the point,that the person doesn't have one thing wrong, with them, which fixed then corrects everything, that's a very A=A=A identity. One has several different things , out, which corrected and improved bring about Clear, and later the willingness and ability to operate as an OT or in native state. And they aren't what the person thinks are what is

      The point is, and what this convention really drove home, is that you can attain what you want in Scientology. It's available. It's FUN.
      (it's not just an engram, it's fun)
      And it's yours if you really want it.

      And for those who might be concerned, We recently lost some people who were trained Scn's. I've gotten in comm with them myself, and they are fine, and they retain their abilities, and they retain the tech, and they are moving on to even bigger and better things.
      And either now, or if you continue your bridge, you will be able to ask them yourself , if you want to see.

      Death is not a barrier, whether this planet is here or not, is not a barrier, and even whether this universe, is here or not, is not a barrier. We have the tech, we have moved past death itself, and all of us will attain total spiritual freedom, and we will do it in the freezone with fun. Like it was intended.

      If you can attend the next or later freezone conventions, and please
      continue your bridge, for those of you fortunate enough to be on Pat and Ray's lines, or any other of the wonderful freezone centers, do your next step, and help out the people delivering. They can really use the help.

      Ron is around, and he is helping, many Scn's have passed on, but are still around somewhere in all of the here's and nows, and they are helping.

      Great convention.

      Here's to a wonderful year ahead, and wins beyond your wildest, wildest dreams.

      Note: I was probably the first Excaliber completion in the US around 1984 or 1985, after being full old OTVII with everything in from the bottom up, Solo Nots completion (my c/s trained with David Mayo), L10 11 12, Several OTVIII's, all with a Class IX C/S and I've done Excaliber - Sol 2 on CBR's bridge additions, my Excaliber and up C/S trained and interned with Captain Bill on delivering the full bridge, and is an AOLA trained Class VIII, with tens of thousands of hours of auditing and C/Sing, and worked directly for MSH while doing OT levels on the ship. I've had hundreds of hours of auditing, and solo auditing, and have run many many of my own GPMS out. I've been at this since 1946.

      I have just completed the upper harmonic of Clear OT, exterior with full perceptions to all games, and creations anywhere.
      I was in comm with Ron during this, and he validated the completion.
      I felt like a supernova.

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