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Ken Urquhart

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    IFA Certified Auditor Ken Urguhart Ken Urquhart is a Flag-trained Class IX Auditor who left Flag and the Sea Org and the C of S in 1982 as the group had
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    IFA Certified Auditor
    Ken Urguhart
    Ken Urquhart is a Flag-trained Class IX Auditor who left Flag and the Sea Org and the C of S in 1982 as the group had changed so drastically from the one he joined in 1957.
    For several years, in two periods between 1963 and 1978, Ken Urquhart had the privilege of being close to LRH. At Saint Hill Manor, he was LRH's Household Officer; as such he was with LRH privately every day that LRH was at SH, and the two became good friends. LRH later made him an exec at the SH Org, and in 1968 called him to the ship. He then created the post of LRH Personal Communicator for Ken, who held it until 1978. Although the duties of the post were mainly executive and administrative, LRH used Ken in technical projects and in doing so gave Ken extensive and intensive though informal technical training.
    In 1980, Ken became an Advanced Courses Specialist in the Flag NOTs HGC (later designated Class IX) and he became the highest-producing auditor in that HGC for 1982. Unable to stomach how the organization was evolving, he worked on leaving quietly but was thrown out very noisily and unpleasantly by the new "management" known as RTC.
    Ken audited for a while at David Mayo's Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara, CA, for several months, leaving it to go into practice on his own. Since then he has audited many people at different levels in many parts of the USA, and abroad. He delivers the equivalent of all regular actions other than Power Processing and the L's; the advanced levels are his specialty.
    In a recent testimonial a satisfied client said:
        I write this testimonial to share with others the outstanding auditing I experienced with Ken Urquhart. I recently disassociated myself from the Church of Scientology by asking that my unused monies be returned to me. This money was to see me through to OT III and I was still working to acquire more. I just knew that 2 intensives wasn't going to be enough. When I found out that I could get to OT III by an alternate route my whole world changed. For the first time in years I felt that getting to OT III might actually take place.
        I discovered Ken's name on the internet. I e-mailed him and we set up a time to get started. Ken actually stayed at my home saving me a bundle of money. It all started with a couple sessions to run out some of the auditing I should've never received. After all, I was in the non-interference zone. After a days training I was ready to Solo on OT II. You should realize at this point that only the training needed was given. There were no blocks, no lengthy checksheets. I was given only the training I needed to do the level. [Please note: this client had done full solo auditor training elsewhere beforehand.]
        After Ken sat in on a few sessions with me, we were both confident that I could handle the level. It wasn't long before I was attesting to OT II. Without delay, I was reading the material on OT III. When Ken felt confident that I could audit on OT III, he went home. I continued the level and e-mailed him photocopies of my sessions. He C/S'ed from home. And though you might think there were unnecessary delays in this method, I never missed having an early session the next day. I would audit 4 to 6 sessions and have to end off as the continuous floating needle disallowed further auditing.
        It was only a few months later that Ken was back to act as Examiner and Success Officer. I attested to OT III. Then Ken audited me on OT IV and V. Here's where I learned how very professional Ken was. His auditing was very smooth. It was almost as if we would sit down and chat for a while and then have to end off because of the BDing FN. I have had some really great auditors at Flag but none of them were any better than Ken.
        When looking for an auditor I was concerned that I might get one that had been justifiably declared SP by the Church. I feel very fortunate that Ken was my auditor. He uses only Standard Tech and without the alterations you hear so much about these days. With Ken as my auditor, my sessions were fun, done when I felt I was ready for another, and always ended with spectacular results.
        Though my goal was to get to OT III, I am now OTV and have money left over enough to do the L's and the training for OTVII.
    You can contact Ken at urq@... to find out more. Place the word AUDITOR in the subject field
    Sincerely yours, Maxim Lebedev, Moscow
    phones: +7 916 299-05-59
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