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10870Re: [GTh] Coptic Unicode Headaches

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  • Mike Grondin
    Mar 26 2:24 PM
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      > [the problem] isn't **directly** related to the fact that
      the Unicode code-points
      > for the Coptic range precede those of the Greek-Coptic range
      I think you mean that the code-points of the Greek-Coptic range precede those
      of the Coptic range. Having done more research myself, I agree with your findings
      and have tried to incorporate them in a note I've added to my Unicode Fonts and
      Keyboards page:
      "Note on sorting problems: It is a natural assumption that the use of a Coptic
      Unicode font will result in Coptic words sorting properly, but that is not always
      the case. Different sorting (collation) algorithms are used by different software.
      Currently, Open Office sorts the Coptic letters properly, but MS Office (at
      least since the 2003 version) places the seven Coptic letters of the Greek block
      before, instead of after, the letters in the Coptic block."
      Hope that's accurate.
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