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10868Re: [GTh] Coptic Unicode Headaches

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  • Mike Grondin
    Mar 25, 2014
      > For reasons I don’t fully understand, the Coptic “Greek like” letters
      > Alfa through Ooo are located in the code page called
      "Prior to Unicode version 4.1 (2005), it was assumed that Coptic would be
      entered using the Greek alphabet as encoded in the Greek and Coptic block
      of Unicode (starting at U+0370). Some [7] Coptic characters derived from
      Demotic Egyptian were [therefore] assigned codepoints U+03E2-03EF.
      With Unicode 4.1, a separate block was added containing the whole
      alphabetic sequence* and some dialectical variants: the block is named
      Coptic and starts at U+2C80. Thus it is no longer expected that Greek
      codepoints will be used."
      (*other than the 7 characters in the Greek block)
      Apparently, MS Ofc up to 2003 used a different sort than is now used
      in MS Ofc. What to do? I haven't tested this, but there is a capability
      of creating a custom sort (in Excel at least). Whether it works on
      individual letters within words, or just on whole words, I don't know.
      Nor do I know if there's a similar function in MS Access. What I do
      know is that the way the Coptic letters are located in Unicode defeats
      one of the expected advantages of using a Unicode font - namely
      the expectation that Coptic words would sort properly.
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