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10847Re: [GTh] Bauckham on Numerical Composition in GJn

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  • David Hindley
    Mar 19, 2014





      See the Wiki article on Stigma (letter) here



      The *medieval* ligature "stigma" (made up of Sigma + Tau) Ϛ was a *substitute* for the actual archaic Greek letter Digamma Ϝ, which had the numerical value of 6.


      David C Hindley

      Newton Falls, Ohio, USA


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      there was an assertion I hadn't encountered elsewhere, namely that "where the letters S and T occur together" (as in STAUROS), they have a combined value of 6 instead of their normal values of 200 and 300. This is certainly something with which I should become familiar, if true, but I'm afraid I'd have to hear it from a reputable source. (I'll report back if and when I do.)




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