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10840Re: [GTh] Bauckham on Numerical Composition in GJn

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  • chaptim45
    Mar 17, 2014



      If your ultimate concern is to uncover the words and message of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, I imagine gematria and isopsephy can be seen as not lending much aid in that endeavor, and could be considered a distraction or, at worst, tomfoolery.


      However, for those of us of a Pathagorean bent, who see value in the numbers, it is actually fascinating and rather enlightening, as we observe the skill of the ancients to craft such hidden messages into their works.


      I would not say, but others have, since Schweitzer, that the quest for the historical Jesus may be tomfoolery. Rather, I would vouch that both approaches indeed have their merits and rewards.


      Tim Staker



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