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Looking for a few volunteers

Hello fellow GSRT members, I'm looking for a few volunteers who might be interested in helping some people who are new to running. Some of you know I work at
Jul 30

WORKOUT 7/28/2915

Hello team, I have been keeping you in suspense for one of the toughest, and as I note the temp outside - hottest - workouts of there year :-). Fun! Make sure
Amber Ferreira
Jul 28

Workout 7/21/2015

Hello Team! I have very limited/minimal/slow Internet service here in Iceland. I apologize if you get 2 of these emails but I don't think the first one sent.
Amber Ferreira
Jul 20

Workout 7/21/2015

Hello team! I will be in Iceland until Wednesday so I will be absent for the track workout. Below is a picture of an Iceland rainbow and waterfall if you
Amber Ferreira
Jul 20
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(no subject)

It would be great if I could have a rough estimate of helpers for tomorrow:) I am a little nervous! Barb
Jul 17

lost keys

Did anyone find or mistakenly pick up the wrong set of keys last night at the track? The keys contain two access cards (one blue, one white) and two metal keys
Jim Monahan
Jul 15

Mass Dash - 100 mile relay from Mt Greylock to Amherst, MA

The Mass Dash is this weekend (Sat, July 18) and I am part of a casual team that was registered by the Cambridge Sports Union. We are still 2 runners short of
Ellen Chandler
Jul 14

Workout 7/14/2015

Hi team, As Jim mentioned it is pizza night tonight post track workout. Good carbo loading for the race this weekend. The workout tonight is designed to prep
Amber Ferreira
Jul 14

Pizza, Luti & shirts

It's Pizza night this week. After the Tuesday workout this week the GSRT is going to gather at Constantly Pizza on N. Main Street (Across from the Capital
Jim Monahan
Jul 13

Workout 7/7

Hello team, The Bill Lutti is fast approaching and we will continue to focus our workouts around that race. Barb will join us tonight and give a recon of the
Amber Ferreira
Jul 7

Tuesday 6/30 Workout

Hello team! Tonight we will run the Bill Lutti race course to prep for the day. I will be on my bike and I will have a backpack so if you want me to carry a
Amber Ferreira
Jun 30

Re: Workout 6/23/2015

Amber, you are awesome! Way to kick that Idaho heat. Congrats on your Couer d'Alene 4th place finish!!! Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone At Jun 23, 2015,
Sara Wight
Jun 28

Workout 6/23/2015

Hello team! We had a great turn out at the Ribfest 5 miler and many other performances this weekend. Extra kudos for this that raced Ribfest in the pouring
Amber Ferreira
Jun 23

Re: Singlets.

Thanks Perry - the final cost is $15 per shirt, but for those picking them up at the race Sunday, don't worry about paying Perry. I will find a way to collect
    Jim Monahan
    Jun 19
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    Jim is giving me the GSRT singlets. I will have them at the registration table from about 8 or so to 8:30 on Sunday. I think that most people know what I look
      Perry Seagroves
      Jun 19
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