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Re: Boston Marathon Hey All, I am assigned to guide a blind runner (who also happens to be deaf): Corvin Bazgan, Bib #23099 . . . it's going to be quite an experience. Good luck
Ron Abramson
Apr 18
Re: Boston Marathon Don Clarke 18492
Keri J Marshall
Apr 18
Re: Boston Marathon Steve Lee. #28404. Now in Portland Maine. First time running Boston. Best to all the GSRT runners.
Stephen Lee
Apr 18
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Re: Boston Marathon Eric Williams 2871 ... Eric Williams 2871 On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 7:08 PM, Jim Monahan < jmonahan@... > wrote:   The countdown to the Boston
Eric Williams
Apr 17
Boston Marathon The countdown to the Boston Marathon is on and a number of team members are running this year. If you are running, can you reply to this e-mail with your name
Jim Monahan
Apr 17
Fwd: Relay Team Runners Needed (female runners) Hi Granite State Running friends- A friend of mine from New London is looking for a woman to replace her on a relay team for May 9 & 10. It's a
Ellen Chandler
Apr 16
Practice 4/15/2014 Hi Team! Great job on the hills last week in the rain. We will continue with our hill repeat block as the track will be in use until 5:45pm tomorrow. Workout
Amber Ferreira
Apr 14
Re: Race Results from 1st New Hampshire Grand Prix Congrats to GSRT runners! I'm going to try to make the next race after the 10 miler...I can't start practicing with you though until May...If someone could let
Melissa John
Apr 8
Re: Race Results from 1st New Hampshire Grand Prix And the whole team (all three of us) scored points for GSRT! Now if a Veteran running at the wrong end of his age group with a calf strain and an 82 year old
Rob Knight
Apr 8
Race Results from 1st New Hampshire Grand Prix Hi Team! The first New Hampshire Grand Prix was April 6th: The 21st Annual Nashue Soup Kitchen 5K. We had 3 runners from GSRT race and they were as follows:
Amber Ferreira
Apr 8
Practice April 8, 2014 Hi Team! I hope everyone is feeling excited after our first practice. You guys looked great out there for this early in the season. I have some good news: The
Amber Ferreira
Apr 7
Practice #1 Hello Team! We have had a long winter but in the past few days it has been trending toward warmer temps and as I write this I am staring at a patch of mud
Amber Ferreira
Mar 31
Season Opens Season Begins Granite State Racing Team: Concord’s Running Club’s season will open this coming Tuesday, April 1, 2014. We will gather at the South East
Jim Monahan
Mar 29
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April 26 Ralph Waldo Emerson Trail Race in Concord GSRT, Check out this great trail race right in our back yard, Winant and St. Pauls trails, on April 26 benefitting the Emerson Pre-school. There is a long
Eric Williams
Mar 27
Breaking News: It is going to be Warm on Saturday Saturday's high is supposed to be 41 degrees. That is positively balmy. Saturday is also the day to turn your clocks ahead. Celebrate both of those events be
Perry Seagroves
Mar 3
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Sunday Group Run at Tom Eaton's Hello fellow runners! Looking forward to a great turnout in the morning!  We think you'll enjoy the pancake flat course :) For those of you who need
Thomas Eaton
Feb 22
Fw: February Group Run On Wednesday, February 12, 2014 5:24 AM, Kim Goff wrote:   February Group Run   Hosted by Tom Eaton and Kim Goff 97 Hopkinton
Thomas Eaton
Feb 12
Running from Memorial 8:00 tomorrow A few of us are running from Memorial Field tomorrow, 8:00 am, if anyone else is interested. Approx 10 miles, maybe 12, but do whatever distance you want.
Sarah Prescott
Feb 8
Re: Going skiing this friday. If interested in going, let me know. Thanks Marc. It sounds really tempting but I have a full plate on Friday. I bet the snow and skiing will be great! Geoff ... -- Geoffrey J. Ransom The Law
Geoffrey Ransom
Feb 6
Going skiing this friday. If interested in going, let me know. Hi, Hope you are enjoying the snow. I'm going to Sunapee this friday. My wife Sue is working so I am heading up alone. Anyone interested in going just let
Marc Duquette
Feb 5
February Updates Happy Ground Hog day û only 6 weeks of winter running left! Just wanted to remind the club of a few items: 1. Next Group Run: February 23rd, 9 AM from
Jim Monahan
Feb 2
4th and 4- This Sunday The NHTI cross country team is hosting our annual 4th and 4 Super Bowl race this Sunday at Delta Dental 2. The gun is fired at 11 AM. This race helps our team
Perry Seagroves
Jan 27
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Jan 16
Group Run Reminder GSRT Group Run at 9:00am tomorrow (Sunday) 25 Grove Street, Concord Run time weather: SUNNY and nearly 40! You can't beat that. See you then, Eric and Becky
Eric Williams
Jan 11
Re: January 12 Group Run Hi Geoffrey - I was at the Winter Wild this past weekend as well. I placed third in my age group :) I signed up for the whole series back in December. I did
Melissa John
Jan 6
Re: January 12 Group Run GSRT. Consider the Winter Wild Series. Race is this Saturday at Suicide Six in Quechee. Starts at 7/Registration 6:40. Great raffle and prizes afterwards.
    Geoffrey Ransom
    Jan 6
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    January 12 Group Run GSRT Runners, We are looking forward to hosting the next group run at 9:00am this Sunday, January 12, beginning at our house at 25 Grove Street in Concord. We
    Eric Williams
    Jan 5
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    Fwd: Henniker Hot Chocolate 5K Looking for a winter 5K? see below Begin forwarded message: From: "scott@... "
      Jim Monahan
      Dec 30, 2013
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      Planning your 2014 race schedule 1. 2014 Grand Prix Series Schedule Announced: Below is the list of races that will be included in the 2014 NH Grand Prix Series: * April 6th, 2014
      Jim Monahan
      Dec 23, 2013
      Nine year old blind boy would like to starting running, does anyone Hi GSRT folks, I got this request from a friend at Rochester Runners.  This boy has been blind since age 3 due to a brain tumor.  If you want to reply to me
      Regina-Thom Flynn
      Dec 20, 2013
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