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$24 Girl Registration Fee

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  • Susan Steinberg
    Hi all! I was speaking with a leader who suggested I send this out to everyone in case parents were asking questions about the increase in girl s registration
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2012
      Hi all!

      I was speaking with a leader who suggested I send this out to everyone in case parents were asking questions about the increase in girl's registration fees for Girl Scouts this year.

      Registration is online this year at https://www.gsnnj.org/Get-Involved/Join-Girl-Scouts/Pages/default.aspx  If you have forgotten your login or password, follow the directions on the website for more information.  Remember that early bird registration ends August 6th.

      Adult registration remains at $12 for the 2012-2013 program year.  Girl registration fees are now $24.  The first $12, like the adult, goes directly to GSUSA - the national office - to cover insurance and overall corporate programming.  The second $12 ($12+$12=$24) will stay in our GSNNJ council to help cover programming costs.  This is not the cost of individual programs (eg. cake decorating, camping weekends, archery, fashion design, etc.) but towards the general costs our council has to maintain 4 office centers (Paramus, Riverdale, Paterson & Randolph), 3 camps (Glen Spey, Rickabear, & Jockey Hollow), and the approximately 73 staff who plan and run the programs our girls enjoy.  

      Girl Scouting is still a great bargain with a cost of only $2 per month for membership. The council fee will help local councils plan their years better without relying so heavily on little girls selling cookies, magazines and nuts.  Or on the generosity of economy-strapped donors.  Facility costs, insurance, electric, gas, salaries, etc. remain fairly fixed no matter how these other income sources may vary.

      GSNNJ has made a commitment to help families pay the extended fees if funds are tight.  This is confidential and families can contact council directly for the forms to apply if they need help.

      This increase was voted on at the last national council session in Houston during November 2011.  Local councils were given the authority to add an extra fee that is up to the amount of the national dues - currently at $12.  The GSNNJ board voted to assess the full amouint.

      We are fortunate to have a well-run council that is not in the red financially.  Our girls have access to a large range of opportunities across all age ranges and throughout our geographic area. Many other girls in many other councils are not so lucky. 

      Also discussed at the Houston meeting were plans for future dues increases.  While not definite, GSUSA will probably be recommending an increase to $15 for the 2013-2014 Girl Scout year.  This will probably mean $15 for Adults and $30 for girls in GSNNJ.  Still a bargain at $2.50 per month for the biggest, most impactful leadership program for girls in the country!
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