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  • Dale Di Pietro
    Hi Lorinda, I usually look for a troop that needs Leadership or Community Service hours, then approach the leader of the troop. This a great way to get
    Message 1 of 5 , May 24, 2012
    Hi Lorinda,
    I usually look for a troop that needs Leadership or Community Service hours, then approach the leader of the troop.  This a great way to get someone involved with running level events.  For example, I will approach a Junior Troop for Brownie or Daisy Consultant.  The leaders and girls can plan level events while earning Junior Aid or Journey Awards.  I find that it works best to have a leader who is not at the level that they are a Consultant for.  They are asked to be Consultants for 2 years and often will stay in the position longer.  At the meetings they collect Troop Reports (attached), Troop/Group Activity Reports, answer questions for their level, give out information for level events being run in town and solve any problems that might arise. 
    This system has worked quite well for me, I was Brownie Consultant for 4 years then SUM for 5 years. When I became SUM, my coleader assumed the position of Brownie Consultant. 
    I have also attached two of the Monthly Agendas to give you an idea of what we do.
    I hope this helps you.  Feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.  Good Luck!
    Yours in Girl Scout Friendship,
    Dale Di Pietro
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    Hi Dale,

    Thanks for your detailed response about your Leader meetings! I really like your ideas. I found that leaders were not willing to step up and do additional jobs like Town Cookie Manager or Town QSP Manager, or help run the town wide events. A few years ago my co-SUM and I decided that we would assign these tasks to leaders of a particular grade level. QSP goes to 1st grade, Cookies to 2nd grade, the Mother/Daughter Brunch to 3rd grade, etc. This way it’s only a one shot deal that they have to do that job so no one gets stuck doing it for eternity. It has worked very well for us. The leaders of the grade collaborate and collectively work out the various tasks associated with the job at hand. The only downside is, that it’s a new job every year for someone and training is always required, plus some oversight by me to ensure everything goes smoothly. But at least we have events that get done, and they are done well, plus our product sales are managed fairly.

    My leaders do not like to stay more than an hour, so I have them all together. I always send out an agenda a few days prior. They know the meetings are always the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7 PM. I used to give out a door prize and I really like your idea about the raffle tix. I’ll start doing that again.

    How did you manage to get troop consultants? I love that idea of separating my age level and collaborating with other leaders from your grade level. We do a “Troop share” at the end of our meeting, where we discuss what we’ve been doing with our troops. I think it’s beneficial for the younger ones to get an idea of what’s to come when their girls get older.

    Thanks for all your ideas!


    Lorinda Walker

    Emerson Girl Scouts Service Unit Manager

    Leader, Cadette Troop 1200

    Cell: 201-314-0561

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    In Vernon, we maintain a monthly meeting schedule September through June.  In the beginning of the year I post a meeting schedule with Flag Ceremony sign ups. Leaders choose a meeting to have their troop come in to open the meeting with the Flag Ceremony, Girl Scout Promise (sometimes the Law too), a Girl Scout or Patriotic song, a poem, a Scouts Own, etc. This generates excitement to be at the meetings to see what other troops are doing that particular month. Parents, grandparents and siblings are all invited to see the girls and take pictures. As soon as they are finished, the girls are dismissed to go home with their families. The troop that is signed up for the ceremony is featured i n the body of the agenda. All troops participating are listed monthly in the dates to remember portion of the agenda.

    Individual girls and troops are invited in at the beginning of the meeting (I request that they inform me so that they can be put on the agenda and to make sure there is enough time) to talk about Bronze, Silver, Gold Awards and interesting projects / events that they are running in town. They are then free to go home.

    Each month I have a raffle for something small.  A ticket is given to each Leader / CoLeader or Troop Committee member attending the meeting and additional tickets are given to any individual that volunteers to do something specia l that is needed within the Service Unit. The item given is usually either something pertaining to Girl Scouts or chocolate...they really like chocolate!

    The regular business meeting is conducted, the raffle ticket is drawn, then the group breaks into Levels.  There are Level Consultants for Daisy, Brownie, Junior / Cadette and Senior / Ambassador Levels.  These consultants collect monthly Troop Reports, tell about events being run in town, get sign ups and funds for events, give out information about Council Wide events that pertain to them and answer any questions that arise. This is a great time to talk to other leaders and share ideas. When their particular level is finished they are free to go or stay as they choose, snacks are available.  Some levels finish quickly, some stay for much longer.</ em>

    Throughout the year I ask for volunteers to do various projects, some of them are listed below:

    * Help run the new Girl Scout / potential Leader sign up night.  I like to have a Junior or higher level troop come in to run Girl Scout activities for children while we are talking to parents.

    * Hospitality coordinator to arrange to have snacks brought by leaders.

    * Coordinate troops to at tend the 911 Ceremony held at a local college.

    * Conduct an Investiture Ceremony for new Leaders and CoLeaders.

    * Run a Blizzard Bag Program.

    *Decorate bulletin boards in the elementary and middle schools and the local library.

    * Run a Girl Scout Sunday / Sabbath Event.

    < span style="font-size:10.0pt;color:navy;">* Create Leader Appreciation Gifts for the April meeting.

    * Coordinate Troops to march in the Memorial Day Parade.

    * Arrange a Leader / CoLeader Dinner for June.

    These are some of the things that I run to keep the leaders involved and to get the girls involved townwide.

    Yours in Girl Scout Friendship,

    Dale Di Pietro

    973 827-9502

    Vernon, NJ Service Unit Manager

    Ambassador Advisor Troop 70654

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