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Re: [GSNNJSUMS] Service Unit 100 Service Project Challenge

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  • Mary Urban
    Lisa, I am so impressed with Morristown s goals! Check out Spread the Bread at spreadthebread.org. The girls can make any kinds of breads including quick
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 16, 2011
      Lisa, I am so impressed with Morristown's goals!  Check out Spread the Bread at spreadthebread.org.  The girls can make any kinds of breads including quick breads and donate to those in need or to community heroes like police, fire, etc.  


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      This is one thing Morristown is doing to celebrate the Centennial :
      We are planning a yearlong Community Impact Project focused in hunger.   It is called Nourish:  mind+ self+ community.  The idea to  parallel discover, connect, take action.
      The idea is that 100 years of scouting will be celebrated with a community impact project and a demonstration to the girls, their families, school and community that the GS at all levels can understand, lead and change the reality we live in.  Tall order for little girls, but not impossible.  A singular focus will help direct our united energy and a vertically integrated program will allow scouts at every level make a worthwhile contribution.
      We have begun a resource guide called Recipes for Change for leaders with enough selection that the successful participation in the impact project will fit nicely in their GS year.  Some super easy some stretches, but all a matter of choosing to participate.  So far we have enlisted five community partners, Grow it Green Morristown, The Community Soup Kitchen, America's Grow a Row and The Provident Bank. 
      Example that are on the table so far:
      • Capstone event in spring including a whole SU food drive at local stores for the IFP - with an outrageous year long total goal of 10,000 lbs
      • Program specific opportunities with local organization to allow girls to discover and connect with the issue of hunger on an age appropriate level
      • Perhaps some workshop opportunities to engage the girls in the cooking series of legacy badges with the focus aimed at those in need versus themselves. - Example:  the Ambassador Cooking badge is DINNER PARTY what would be cooler than using the badge requirements to throw a Dinner Party for 300 at the Soup Kitchen.  Or using the Simple Meal Junior Badge to provide the Soup Kitchen with to go bagged dinners or the Browning try-it - Healthy Snacks to reach out to the Neighborhood house kids.  The Senior badge is Locavore which is a great match with Grow it Green Morristown's Mission.
      • Maybe the older girls could bake bread to donate
      • Prepare Power Point Information presentations to share this project with Community leaders
      • A troop based program 100 Cans for 100 years - if you have each girl bring 1 non-perishable item to each meeting it will be easy to make this goal
      • 100 Placemats for the Guests at the Soup Kitchen - Junior Drawing Badge fits nicely here.
      • Ready to Grow programs with Grow it Green Morristown
      • Opportunities to plant and sow with America's Grow a Row,
      • Gleaning projects with the Farmers Against Hunger
      • Grow a Row's free farmers market
      • Programs to get the girls volunteering in age level specific ways at IFP
      • I talked to the Community Garden and the GS can take charge and run with a plot aimed at giving to the Pantry or Soup kitchen
      • Cooking possibilities
      • Participation in FREERICE.com   FreeRice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Programme. The girls are brushing up on vocab and multiplication tables as they collect rice for those in need.  For every correct answer they earn 10 grains of rice
      This list is growing as the leaders come up with new ideas.  Some of the badge work makes a  great fit to incorporate into the plan.
      At each meeting the leaders will get a quick activities that they can use with the girls.  In October we did rice bowls with recycled bottle caps as desk reminders for the freerice.com activity
      November we handed out templates to make seed packets that to assemble and decorate and give to Grow it Green Morristown for their seed reclamation program

      The Goal is 10,00 lls is our goal, but frankly we may have underestimated out enthusiasm  troop efforts have already collected Over 3,000 lbs of food and other activities are planned.
      We are having a patch made that has the Nourish logo on it.  The only requirement for the patch would be participation in three healthy eating, hunger awareness projects.  Leader discretion and creativity being the marker of completion.
      Lisa Kelly
      Morristown Service Unit SUM
      On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Mary Urban <marurba@...> wrote:
      Wonderful idea, Susan!!
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      From: Susan Steinberg <normandsusan@...>
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      Subject: [GSNNJSUMS] Service Unit 100 Service Project Challenge
      Hi everyone,
      I just returned from GS convention with a renewed enthusiasm and commitment to really make a difference for our girls and for our communities.  Our new GSUSA CEO is full of energy, vim, vigor and focus.  2012 is the Year of the Girl!
      Katie Baron challenged us all to support the Warm Up Houston project by donating blankets to help the Houston homeless.  GSNNJ was the only council to offer this challenge to its Service Units and, despite the short notice, GSNNJ donated 116 blankets to the cause!  Congratulations to all on making this happen.  To give you plenty of advance notice, the homemade blankets for Warm Up Salt Lake City will be due around November 1, 2014!
      In Mahwah, we have about 50 troops (about 35 active), and we've challenged our Service Unit to complete 100 troop service projects as a whole during our 100th anniversary year!  Besides doing good in the world, we're hoping to refocus all our girls and troop leaders on doing service projects as a standard part of Girl Scouts.
      So, I'm passing the challenge on to the rest of you.  Based upon your membership, pick a target number and ask them to step up to the task of helping others. 
      GSNNJ is one of the top councils in the country.  For our 100th Anniversary year, let's be tops in service too!
      Susan Steinberg
      Leader Girl Scout Senior Troop 903
      Service Unit Manager Mahwah, NJ
      GSNNJ Delegate to National Council 2011, 2008
      Lifelong Girl Scout, Recipient of First Class Award
      Boy Scout Venturing Crew Advisor, Crew 42
      Realtor, Coldwell Banker
      Call me if you need Real Estate help
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