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Re: [GSNNJSUMS] Overview of Girls Guide to Girl Scouting

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  • RJ Herbison
    ... Thanks Susan! What a huge file though! I have tried to pull out the information, and I ve made something 1/1,000th the size (below) that I can share with
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      On 2/26/2011 5:46 PM, Susan Steinberg wrote:
      Here's the overview presentation of the new Guides to Girl Scouting.
      Thanks Susan!

      What a huge file though!  I have tried to pull out the information, and I've made something 1/1,000th the size (below) that I can share with my Service Unit.  Did I miss anything?  (I don't want to send everyone in town to bang on that council's server!)

      Robin - -

      Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting (GGGS): That's the new of the book to replace Handbooks and "Leader books" should not be needed.  Copies at each level expected in August to be used by Fall 2012.  Here's what I have heard about them so far

      Each level's GGGS should have these sections:
      • Handbook
      • My Girl Scouts
      • Awards (At each level: choose a Journey; 5 Badge categories (Legacy, Financial Literacy, Cookie Business, Make Your Own and "Skill Building" to go with each Journey).  GS Daisies will have Financial Literacy, Cookie Business "leaves" to go with their Petals.  Might not be Skill-Builders of GS Ambassadors.  The Skill-Building badges build as girls go through each level.  The initial areas are: Outdoors, Performance, Animals, Practical Life Skills, Healthy Living, Manners, Do It Yourself, Digital Arts, Adventure, Craft, Storytelling, Creative Play, Investigation, Science & Technology, and Innovation.
      • new award: My Promise, My Faith Pin
      • new award: Journey Summit Pin
      • updated awards: Safety Award, CIT, VIT, PA
      So, GSUSA is starting with 29 badges per level? (7Legacy + 2 Financial Literacy + 2 cookies + 15 skill-builders + up to 3 Make-Your-Own) and 31 for GS Cadettes, but only 14 for GS Ambassadors as they have no skill-based awards?  I think it is 1 financial literacy & one cookie award per year in level -- that would mean 2 each for GS Daisies, Juniors, Seniors, and Ambassadors but 3 for GS Cadettes.

      I am sure more information will follow.

       = = = =
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