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752Re: [GSNNJSUMS] vintage

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  • Dawn DeFalco
    Jul 23, 2014
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      Great to see that even during the summer the SUMs are always there to lend a hand.
      They are definitely the older version. Just a lot to scan
      Brownie Try-Its
      Animals,Art to Wear, Dancercize, Girl Scout ways, Let's Pretend, Math Fun, Me and my shadow, Girl scouts around the world, Senses, and girl sports
      Plants and Animals, Yarn and fabric, Let's get cooking, prints and graphics, Local lore, water wonders, art to wear, model citizen, lead on, healthy relationships, Dance, Art in the home, Ceramic and clay, Art in 3D, Aerospace, Outdoor creativity, making it matters, Books and looking your best
      Just a few of each, but might make for a fun event.
      I am open to any advice.

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      Can you scan in photos of the badges so I can see if I have the right books, I have a few generations of books?  I can scan the pages back to you, not a problem.






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      I have acquired a small amount of old version of badges (brownie, junior and cadette levels).  I was hoping that someone might allow me to borrow their brownie badge book and/or the junior badge book. I have the cadette level book. It seems that all the old sites took down their pages with these fun activities.

      If you have any old badges lying around and would like to donate to our town that would be great also.

      Any suggestions on how to host an event like this is also welcome.

      Hope you are enjoying your summer.

      Thank you for everything

      Dawn DeFalco


      Little Ferry GS

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