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707Does your SU need IT support from GSNNJ?

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  • RJ Herbison
    Sep 13 1:24 PM
      Does your Service Unit have a good handle on the data that you need? is
      it quick to find and easy to use? Are there days when you wonder how
      many volunteer-hours are being spent doing the "information technology"
      work that you do -- instead of having one person at council run a
      program that could give us what we need in the format that we want?

      Maybe I felt it when I was SUM b/c out service unit is so big, but do
      other service units want IT support from GSNNJ? I think some of these
      have been discussed int he past, but I don't rememnber any majority
      feel. A few of the things that I have considered in the past include:
      - GSNNJ hosting SU websites

      - GSNNJ providing boilerplate for SU websites (much of what we
      need to say/share is the same or similar)

      - GSNNJ providing email support (support some SU emails that are
      constant and just get forwarded to the correct person ). (In the past
      in Parsippany-Troy Hills, leaders have said that it would be nice for us
      to have sum@... that would reach whoever was SUM at the time,
      or "all" when ther ewas more than one. (wait, we had that with our
      website hosting for years until tomorrow but we are moving to a free
      website without that). GSNNJ could however, support at least
      pars-sum@..., etc. (We had and used an email for cookiediva, sum,
      flags, treas, and fallsales. The flags email was whoever was storing
      our flags and bridge which not everyone remembered at he moment they
      realized that they would need/want them. Most SU probably don't need all
      of those, but I bet a few would be helpful. Lots of leaders have 3-10
      SUMs during their time as a leader) (of course GSNNJ would pick if they
      want the title or the SU name first but something like:
      SU-sum@..., <SU-name>-treas, <SU-name>-cookie, <SU-name>-fallsale,
      etc OR sum-<SU-name>@..., treas-<SU-name>@...) Ours had
      been provided by one of our website hosts, but no longer without an
      additional fee.

      - GSNNJ organizing data (aka giving us reports) that are easier to
      use. The GSUSA PERSONIFY datatbase should be able to produce different
      reports -- customized for SUs. (For example, it would be great if a SU
      roster could be created directly from that, a nice roster that we could
      distribute to our leaders instead of all the time spent with us creating
      one for them & to give to council).

      I've heard that GS training, first aid & CPR training info "will be"
      part of the GSUSA PERSONIFY system someday - but I don't know when, and
      I have no reason to believe that the volunteers needs have been
      considered. As someone who has check TGAAs in the past, looked for water
      watchers for campouts, etc, I didn't have a fast way of making the
      information we had usable. Is it worth asking for an :
      - easier to read first aid/CPR/training reports instead of the
      spreadsheet we get now?
      - reminders of who has training about to expire? or which troops do
      not have a trained "first aider"?

      Are any of these functions that we should be asking of GSUSA? (maybe the
      PERSONIFY ones?)

      ...or is it more of a "big SU" issue? with 900 girls, 100 troops, and
      600 adults registered in town, there can be quite a bit of data!

      (past SUM, Parsippany)
      lifetime member, GSUSA
      member, GSNNNJ
      earned Girl Scout First Class award