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46Re: Question: is there a group like this for just leaders

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  • wubison
    Nov 11, 2009
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      --- In GSNNJSUMS@yahoogroups.com, Tracey Hilden <hilden@...> wrote:
      > I'm curiousÂ…when you say "unanswered" was it that the training wasn't
      > sufficient??

      I know that leaders in our town have been a but confused by just the number of options that GS Cadettes suddenly have - IPS and Journeys and (this year) still 2 ways to earn their Silver Award, and that 6th grades might also still be working on their Bronze award. And more council events are open to them (like CONNECT) and also more Destinations. Love to know if there is some other issue...

      I think I like the new "map of a year" that GSUSA put up that shows how traditions, cookies, trips & "badges" all fit with either Journey - for each GS level.. You can find it at:

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