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Report on the trial of Albin Kurti

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  • Yolanda R.
    Report on the trial of Albin Kurti, Albanian student leader (UPSUP) and spokesman of political leader of UCK After a forty minute delay and the introduction
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2000
      Report on the trial of Albin Kurti,
      Albanian student leader (UPSUP) and spokesman of political leader of UCK

      After a forty minute delay and the introduction statement of the judge
      the usual questions followed. Citizenship? – Republic of Kosovo.
      Military Service? – I have not received the draft call and if I had I
      would not have answered it because the Yugoslav army was an occupying
      force. Now it is not.

      - The charge was… Since the 27th 10.1999, because of banding for enemy
      activity, according to article 136. , paragraph 1 … and article 125 of
      the Criminal statute of Yugoslavia Kurti Albin is accused of:
      Taking part in the formation of bands with the aim of separating Kosovo
      and uniting it with Albania. Organized a first aid course, as well as
      voluntary blood donations and above all he took part in the meeting of
      OVK.(Liberation Army of Kosovo)
      After Albin said that he understood the charge his defense followed.
      I am defending myself without a lawyer. I decline to answer questions,
      that is, I will defend myself by silence, but I may answer some
      questions. Since the lawyer Branislav Curcic was given to me in line of
      duty, I do not accept lawyers and I do not know them. They are the same
      as the prosecution and this court. The defense attorney is the same as
      the prosecution attorney. He is not my problem but the problem of the
      court and he will not represent me.
      I was a member of the presidency of the Independent Student Union of
      Prishtina and the representative of the Commission for International
      Cooperation. Our main goal was to organize demonstration to free the
      university because we have been thrown out by force. The demonstrations
      were organized against the Serbian regime (and not the Serbs as it was
      translated, remark made by Albin) which kept Kosovo occupied by the army
      and police and exercised terror over the Albanian people. I was also the
      secretary of the political representative of OVK (Liberation Army of
      Kosovo) Adem Demaci. As the secretary I represented the policy of OVK
      and the liberation war. The OVK lead a just struggle with a holly aim
      of forming an independent Kosovo and the liberating of the Albanian
      people from the Fascist regime of Slobodan Milosevic. The liberation was
      at the same time anti-fascist and ant-colonial. War was the means and
      the goal was an independent Kosovo. Only in an independent republic the
      Albanian people can feel free and can realize their rights. I do not
      recognize this court and do not acknowledge Serbia nor Yugoslavia. This
      court has nothing in common with law and truth. It is in the service of
      Miloshevic’s regime which held Kosovo. Miloshevic’s fascist war has as
      its goal to create crisis and wars and he escalated it to his level, the
      level of the government and military doctrine. I do not consider the
      Serbian people and the Serbian regime to be the same. Kosovo has been
      treated as a colony since the Serbian state has been formed. The Serbian
      people will also not be able to see the light while Milosevic is at its
      head. The Serbian people must decide. If they want death or Milosevic.
      The earlier they start to organize themselves the better it will be for
      them. The independence of Kosovo is in the interest of Serbia. While
      Kosovo was treated as a colony, the Serbian people had a fascist regime.
      I do not recognize this court and I do not want to answer any questions.
      I will only answer to the court of my people. That is why it is of no
      matter to me how long a sentence I will get. Ten, twenty, thirty or
      forty years it is all the same to me. I have finished.
      After a few reprimands on the translation and misinterpreted words by
      the judge Albin added.
      -I worked as the secretary to Adam Demaci for two reasons. Firstly,
      because I wanted to contribute to the Liberation Army of Kosovo in
      fighting the war and secondly out of respect towards the Adam Demaci
      who is a symbol of Albanian resistance. I have done everything
      voluntarily, with dignity and I am proud of it. If I had a chance to do
      it all over again I would not change anything, I would do all the same.

      Since no proposals for presentation of evidence were made by any side.
      (Albin did not answer the questions, but his lawyer in the line of duty
      did) the court adjourned to prepare the final statement. After a few
      minutes it continued the session and decided to adjourn for a few days
      to prepare the final verdict. The next session was set for 13th of
      March, 2000.

      Translator Shkeljzin Kruezija translated a few time "against the Serbs"
      instead of "against the Serbian regime" and the judge attempted to
      misinterpret some words. Albin continued a part of his attempt in
      Serbian because of the bad translation. No evidence was presented to
      prove the charges nor proposals for the presentation of evidence. We can
      only wait until the 13th of March.

      Vladan Vukovic
      Women in Black

      Albin Kurti was convicted on 15 years of prison. Stasa Zajovic, Women in
      Black activist, attended the trial and will be reporting on the issue.
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