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Dr. Strangelove

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  • L. Marshall
    ... From: Jen Nessel Join Operation Strangelove on May 14 in a national act of dissent. Because Yeehaw! is not a foreign policy.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2003
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      From: "Jen Nessel" <jennessel@...>

      Join Operation Strangelove on May 14 in a national act
      of dissent.

      Because Yeehaw! is not a foreign policy. because "war
      is too important to be left to politicians". and
      because, like the old Strategic Air Command motto says,
      "Peace Is Our Profession," join others around the
      country in screening "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned
      to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" to protest cowboy
      diplomacy, unilateral preemptive strikes and wars
      fought for precious fluids. Er, oil.

      Show Kubrick's anti-war classic in your living room, at
      the local theater, on campus, on your laptop, anywhere
      you can -- invite the neighbors, invite the whole town;
      organize discussions, forums, and debates after the
      film, and raise money for groups still working hard for
      peace, justice and relief in Iraq.

      Check out our web site
      http://www.operationstrangelove.org for a complete
      do-it-yourself event kit including press release, how
      to get the movie, free posters to download, stylish
      T-shirts of a missile-riding Dubya, etc. - no screening
      is too small to count. PLEASE BE SURE TO REGISTER on
      the site so we can include it in the tally. Pass it on.


      Forty years after its filming, the dark and explosively
      funny "Dr. Strangelove" seems like a satirical time
      bomb planted by Stanley Kubrick and Terry Southern, set
      to detonate on Bush's doctrine of unilateral war
      without end.

      As the war on Iraq winds down (at least on TV), as the
      perils (and profits) of occupation loom, and as the
      Bushies plot the next pre-emptive strike, Operation
      Strangelove aims to spark discussion and show the
      lunatic warmongers in their true light.

      Large screenings are planned for New York and Los
      Angeles, to be followed by panel discussions on the
      topic, "The Art of Dissent: Satire and Protest." See
      the web site for details.

      On May 14, put on a screening of "Dr. Strangelove" and
      say no to unilateral invasions, to endangering our
      troops for the sake of oil, to flouting international
      law and the world community in the name of empire. Keep
      talking. Keep acting.


      Operation Strangelove grew out of the Lysistrata
      Project which inspired more than 1,000 groups to stage
      readings of Aristophanes' bawdy anti-war play in 59
      countries and all 50 US states early this March and
      raised more than $100,000 for peace and humanitarian

      Operation Strangelove's organizers are not affiliated
      with any group, we are merely upstanding, patriotic
      citizens concerned for the preservation of our Precious
      Bodily Fluids.

      Now, more than ever, it's critical that we raise our
      voices above the din and keep our message focused.

      Remember: "You can't fight in here-this is the War

      Yours in solidarity,

      Jen, Lizzy and the folks at Operation Strangelove
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