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[HARC] Interesting ARRL article

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      Subject: [HARC] Interesting ARRL article


      Found this interesting, and thought I would share with those who need
      to know this when contesting.

      + Now You Know!: 4U1 Call Signs
      By ARRL News Editor S. Khrystyne Keane, K1SFA

      This past weekend when I was working the ARRL RTTY Round-Up, I came
      across a call sign that I had never seen before. But that's not what
      confused me (as I become more active on the air, I run across all
      sorts of interesting call signs, such as 3V8ST). No, what confused me
      was that the supercheck database and my logging program told me that
      the call sign was located in the US. We all know that AA-AL, K, N and
      W are all US prefixes. Then why was 4U1WB showing up as being located
      in the US, too?

      I'm looking forward to getting one of these in my mailbox soon!

      Upon assurances I was not going crazy -- and more importantly that the
      supercheck database and my logger were not broken -- I found out
      that4U1WB is a United Nations call sign assigned to the World Bank
      Amateur Radio Club at the World Bank in Washington, DC. There are four
      4U1 call signs around the globe: 4U1WB;4U1UN, assigned to the United
      Nations; 4U1ITU, assigned to the International Amateur Radio Club at
      the International Telecommunication Union, and 4U1VIC, assigned to the
      Vienna International Radio Club at the Vienna International Centre.

      In the past, the United Nations has issued 4U call signs to various
      entities, allowing its use in areas where the UN has had peacekeeping
      forces. In 1995, an operation from Western Sahara used 4U/KC0PA, while
      Burundi used 4U9U in 1994.

      World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.

      While 4U1UN and 4U1ITU count for credit toward the ARRL's DXCC award,
      4U1WB and 4U1VIC do not. The DXCC rules define 4U1WB and 4U1VIC as
      "ineligible areas." These areas are classified as "extraterritorial
      legal entit[ies] of any nature, including, but not limited to,
      embassies, consulates, monuments, offices of the United Nations
      agencies or related organizations, other inter-governmental
      organizations or diplomatic missions." This rule also clarifies that
      these two stations are considered part of their "host entity" for DXCC
      purposes. This makes 4U1WB part of the US and 4U1VIC part of Austria
      for DXCC purposes.

      For more on 4U1UN, be sure to check out the February issue of QST. So
      now when you see or hear a call sign come across the ether to your
      radio with a 4U1 prefix, don't be alarmed when you find out that the
      call sign is based in the United States. Now you know!

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