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Re: [GRARA] Any Jamboree On The Air plans in this area?

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  • w8qz
    This was posted some time back (March 29 of this year). Sounds like KD8SRH has some good directions. Jerry - what do you need the rest of us to do? W8QZ ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 28, 2013
      This was posted some time back (March 29 of this year). Sounds like KD8SRH has some good directions.

      Jerry - what do you need the rest of us to do?


      Already on it.

      I just completed a year-and-a-half "working my tickets" period for Woodbadge (business-level Scouting management training), and one of my 5 ticket items, International Scouting, had a huge ham component.

      I first had to get a license! I've been "into" anything radio waves since I was 6. Ham license was, like so many, "next month", even though all I really had to learn was the ham-specific stuff (I had Commercial 1st-class in high school and later added microwave & radar). I got my Tech in time to help set up a HF station at the Michigan Int'l Camporee last July (my Troop hosted a unit from Budapest). General came later, only 47 years late. Gonna "test the waters" Saturday with the last test in Lowell.

      I put a huge chunk of research into JOTA. I was supposed to interview Scouts from at least 25 separate JOTA activities, but had to scrape the barrel to get 10. This is a shame, since JOTA should be a bigger ham recruiting tool than all other public activities combined.

      From surveys, I've found the biggest JOTA killers are PROPAGATION and POOR PLANNING-- and the two go hand in hand. The most common complaints were along the lines of, "All we did was watch some old guy fiddle with knobs & buttons" and "All that work studying to get a license, just to talk to Jenison?"

      Jumping to "NOW": the link posted the post before is dead; Lowe Peninsula is now "Michigan Crossroads Council", and the 616 & 231 area codes are the "President Ford Field Service Council". Website is [url]www.michiganscouting.org[/url]. It hits all 4 FSC's. Merger's been a PITA, but they're really pushing International Scouting statewide now, and I'm jockeying for a position on their committee.

      We can discuss this more at an upcoming meeting, but what I'm looking at and dialogueing with COuncikl is:

      For Grand Rapids area, a common location (Council?). The more other Scouts a Scout sees, the more interested he'll be. More radios and operators in one place means less of the dreaded "dead time". Opportunities for demos & presentations-- that QSL from the aircraft carrier Hornet, for example, carries a lot of weight with the Scouts. The new ATCS radio-based railroad signaling system does too, even though it's not ham. VHF/UHF hams should be DELIBERATELY PLACED all over the area who just "happen" to be on, doing something interesting, and/or have a story to tell. In short, everything planned.

      Scouting introduced a new International patch; it now involves some work beyond the old one. Cubs need ONE year's JOTA, Scouts and adults need TWO. So, demand for JOTA will go up.

      I'm currently discussing options for something at Council; so far there's been SOME interest in considering semi-permanent/permanent power for the parking lot, both 120 & 220. (we wouldn't be the only people using it). taht's wher it stands right now.

      Happy Easter!

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      Subject: [GRARA] Any Jamboree On The Air plans in this area?


      See message below. which jogged the (lack of) grey matter between my ears.

      Any plans for Jamboree on the air for GRARA?  I know there was some talk about it before the Hamfest.  I've partooken of JOTA activities at club stations in other parts of the country where I lived before coming to this area.  Sometimes at campouts, sometimes from club stations, once or twice a scout pack would visit my shack.  Could we/should we/is it in the overall plan of scouting for us to invite a few scouts to W8DC for some contacts?  Do we have any scout leaders amongst us who could give us guidance?

      The above are a few ramblings.

      October 19 is near!  I suspect this will be a subject of discussion for the October meeting?

      72/73 de n8xx Hg
      QRP >99.44% of the time

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      Subject:     [ILQSO] Grundy, Kankakee, and Will County Boy Scouts to Participate in 52nd Jamboree-on-the-Air
      Date:     Sat, 28 Sep 2013 12:23:40 -0500
      From:     Brian McDaniel <bsm60403@...>
      Reply-To:     Illinois QSO Party <ilqso@...>
      To:     ILQSO@..., ILHam@...

      *MORRIS, ILLINOIS — *The Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America will participate in the 52nd Jamboree-on-the-Air on Saturday, October 19, 2013 at the Rainbow Scout Reservation in Morris, Illinois.  Scouts from Grundy, Kankakee and Will Counties will talk with their Scouting peers around the world using two-way amateur radio.

      “There will be nearly 400 Scouts at Rainbow Scout Reservation that day,” said Marc Ryan, Rainbow Council Scout Executive, “Jamboree-on-the-Air will introduce these young men to a hobby that has lead thousands of people to careers as engineers and other technical fields.”

      More than 500,000 Scouts from 100 counties participate each year.  Rainbow Council has scheduled contacts with other Scout groups in Switzerland, Japan, and Great Britain.

       “Jamboree-on-the-Air is the inaugural event for the council’s amateur radio program,” said Brian McDaniel, Executive Board Member and Station Trustee, “Next year, we plan several council-wide projects that will introduce amateur radio to Scouts, provide merit badge and other advancement, and establish a permanent radio station at the Rainbow Scout Reservation.”

      *When* - Saturday, October 19, 2013, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Central Time

      *Where* Rainbow Scout Reservation. 2600 N. Winterbottom Road, Morris, IL 60450

      *Technical Specifications*
      Call Sign: K9RSR
      QTH: Grundy County, Illinois (EN51wn)
      Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 2, and 440 MHz
      Modes: SSB, CW, and PSK31
      HF Antennas: Dipoles at 45-degrees and 325-degrees
      VHF/UHF Antenna: J-Pole at 36-feet

      *Calling Frequencies*
      ·         HF: 3.94, 7.19, 14.29, 21.36 and 28.39 MHz
      ·         VHF: 147.57 MHz
      ·         UHF: 446.15 MHz

      *About the Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America*
      The Rainbow Council Boy Scouts of America serves 4,655 young people in Grundy, Kankakee, and Will Counties.  The Council owns a 750-acre multi-purpose camping facility near Morris, Illinois.  The Rainbow Scout Reservation provides an assortment of Scout-related programs throughout the year, ranging from Resident Camp to Shooting Sports to  ilderness Survival Training.

      The Rainbow Council Committee on Amateur Radio provides advancement programs for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts at the council level utilizing the amateur radio service as a catalyst.  The Committee sponsors events and activities to introduce Scouts to amateur radio; and will begin a licensing program in 2014 that rewards Scouts with both a Radio Merit Badge and a FCC Technician Class Amateur Radio License.

      Brian McDaniel

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