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Re: [GRARA] Re: Critique Please for FD 2013

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  • Steven Kaney
    Spending $8.95 for a USB to CIV/CAT/... cable makes a world of difference with N1MM.  KD8HNF turned me on to a place to buy both CIV and CAT cables for cheap
    Message 1 of 10 , Jun 25, 2013

      Spending $8.95 for a USB to CIV/CAT/... cable makes a world of difference with N1MM.  KD8HNF turned me on to a place to buy both CIV and CAT cables for cheap but now rig runner cables have dropped in price to compete.  Then the program knows what the radio is doing and visa versa.  Change one and the other follows.  You can even work 'assisted' through the net - click on a spot and its tuned on the radio, band, mode, freq and all and all the spots show on one of the aux windows.  Even without 'assisted' it marks all the freqs where you found a station and colors it differently depending on whether you logged it or not so you can come back and work them later.  Thats way better than MPW/MPR.  Pretty #@^% cool.  If we got really sophisticated we could have a SWL station on our net making spots that a hunt and peck station can quickly grab.  (I tried to work the VHF but couldn't figure out your paper logs and didn't know what had been worked and what hadn't so I didn't contribute much).

      There are cables for pretty much all the modern radios including your IC-706, your Yeasu 817 and even the Ten Tecs and Elecrafts.  Dont know if the older Kenwood 440, etc, can be interfaced or not.  I think there is even a work around for using transverters using the multi-radio feature but I haven't had a need to figure that out.   

      I agree the location was better than the other calvin site or the site by GVSU in that we werent blasting our signal into the side of a building, but we had better antennas last year.

      de N7MUT/8

      From: David <kf8ql@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 8:52 PM
      Subject: [GRARA] Re: Critique Please for FD 2013


      --- In GRARA@yahoogroups.com, Hank Greeb <n8xx@...> wrote:
      > This is a general plea for critique, either positive or negative
      > feedback, for the Field Day 2013 @ Calvin College last Saturday/Sunday.

      Hank - Thanks for all the work put in to set up a field day event. I ran the VHF station, and we had good results and good fun. Conditions were not great, but a small 6m opening on Sunday felt great!

      Positives for me were:
      1)a good location with nice bathrooms and surroudings. We had 8-10 bystanders stop by the VHF trailer to talk.
      2) A good dinner from IEEE - thanks Ron and the IEEE.
      3) Friendly people in our club that helped me in every way setting up, operating, and just hanging out talking.
      4) Good reliable generator power.

      Could be better:
      1) N1MM does not really work at all for VHF where you need to switch bands a couple times for each station worked.
      2) I'd always like to be in a location with more height.
      3) It was too hot. Oh well...

      Thanks everyone - looking forward to next year. KF8QL

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