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Re: [GRARA] Anyone "know" N1MM?

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  • Hank Greeb
    Steve: You re missing one great feature of N1MM. You may record Wav FILES for the CQ, the Exchange (except for the number, which you have to announce
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 9, 2011
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      You're missing one great feature of N1MM.  You may record "Wav FILES" for the CQ, the "Exchange" (except for the number, which you have to announce yourself and then hit "F2" (where the exchange file is stored), and then hit "RETURN" to Log the contact and send the wav file which is stored in "F3".

      At least 95% of the "talking" can be eliminated, let your computer do the talking, save your vocal chords.  All it takes is a couple audio cords, a switch box to change from your microphone input to you computer input for when you want to send data with your voice or with your computer.  You probably need an attenuator between the output of the computer and the microphone input, unless there's a "line" input on your rig.

      Since I don't operate much with SSB, I haven't set this feature up in N1MM, but the procedure is there, and I understand the rudiments of it.

      It's very similar to setting up PSK-31 or other digital modes which work through the audio in/out part of your rig.

      73 de n8xx Hg

      On 11/9/2011 12:53 AM, Steven Kaney wrote:
      Aha!  I see the problem right off - youre using CW!  When I use it on SSB I talk on the radio, I type on the keyboard.  Problem?  What problem?
      de N7MUT/1

      From: Hank Greeb <n8xx@...>
      To: GRARA@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 12:12 AM
      Subject: Re: [GRARA] Anyone "know" N1MM?


      Well, it seems to be some sort of "glitch" in how I set the thing up when I first set it up for Sweepsteaks.  If I were running, a fellow would answer me, I'd send data using F2, get his data, and then hit "enter." Instead of logging he data, it would send my data again, not the "TU N8XX SS"  and would not save the info to the log.  I didn't want to screw around, so I set up F12 to call CQ while running, and used F6 and a manual response to log while running.  A poor workaround, but since I was not running very often, it didn't slow me down very much.

      After asking in this reflector, NF8J responded and told me how it was supposed to work.  I set up another Sweepsteaks log in the same data base, simulated a new contest with my rig running at zero power into a dummy load.  It worked fine.  I could use F1 to send CQ while the "running" box was checked, use F2 to send my data, and after I copied the other fellow's info, I'd hit enter and it would send the exchange stored in F3 and log the data.

      Since I don't know enough about N1MM, I didn't know that my setup was malfunctioning, so I just muddled through.  Had I known, I'd have checked the "running" and "S&P" features before the start of the contest, and it would have probably worked as I found it to do so after the fact.

      Oh, well, live and learn.   I'm seeking an "expert" at N1MM setup to give a talk and demo about its use, so that perhaps we can use it in a networked implementation and have all rigs/computers hooked together during Field Day 2012.   That would be a big help!

      Thanks to Paul, NF8J, and others who gave me details of how N1MM should work, and gave me "work arounds" in case I get into trouble in the future.

      73 de n8xx Hg

      On 11/8/2011 10:58 PM, Steven Kaney wrote:
      I have used N1MM for logging w/o much difficulty but maybe there are features that I've been unaware of.?   The one that I cant comprehend is HRD.  Tom (N1MM) lives only about 16mi from the apartment here in CT and shows up at the Radio Club here every not too often.
      de N7MUT/1
      From: "RMoe@..." <RMoe@...>
      To: GRARA@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, November 8, 2011 1:04 AM
      Subject: Re: [GRARA] Anyone "know" N1MM?

      I to have tried to get this very complicated program to work with my station. Without much luck! N1MM should be figured out and used before the next Field Day. So that the various stations can be linked. I think N1MM can be used as a multi-operator  logging program.
      73 AC8ZX Bob
      In a message dated 11/7/2011 5:31:21 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, n8xx@... writes:

      I've been using (and sometimes cursing) N1MM logging programme for the past year or so.  The latest "feature" which I don't understand is how it works when "running,"

      There are probably other "features" of which I'm totally ignorant.

      Would there be interest in finding a contest operator who knows all the "features" of the program to give us a programme about it? Or, does anyone know of a club within driving distance who has such a programme on its schedule?

      73 de n8xx Hg

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