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2405RE: Re: [GRARA] Scouting's 2013 Jamboree on the Air

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  • gerry_k8ggl
    Oct 10, 2013
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      My Flex xcvr and laptop are portable, and PSK/CW/SSB ready.  I'm available to bring it if there's interest in having a no-knobs SDR in the mix.

      Gerry ~ K8GGL

      ---In grara@yahoogroups.com, <ab8nd@...> wrote:


      I talked to Tom about PSK last night, if we leave the HF station where it is in the shack we can do PSK. I will make sure next Wed. that the software and interface work. Well, the software anyway, I'm not sure how the interface works, but I'm sure Bob or Tom can instruct us on it.

      Jack, AB8ND

      On Oct 9, 2013, at 10:09 PM, streyle.j@... wrote:


      QST ...- ...- ...-

      http://www.scouting.org/jota.aspx   What do we need to do as a club to get ready for JOTA (next week Saturday, the 19th)?

      I'm guessing that the main thing is to make sure we've got a good working HF setup(s), at the Red Cross. Seems like we should check that out in advance.

      Jim - what's the status of room(s) at the Red Cross for the 19th?

      Voice and PSK 31 seem like likely choices. If we're going to try and run 2 stations at once, we need to make sure they don't overload each other. What bands do we want to try?

      Do we want to have the scouts build a little 555-oscillator, and try sending a little code to each other (while they're waiting for a turn at the radio) ? What pieces will we need? Who's going to supervise that activity? Jerry said he had some of the pieces to do that - maybe a breadboard setup - no need to fuss with soldering - ?

      Any thoughts?

      John W8QZ

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