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2402Re: [GRARA] Scouting's 2013 Jamboree on the Air - Next Saturday!

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  • Bob Robinson
    Oct 9, 2013

      John, I will try to get my IRLP node up and running. I will need to see if we can get a wired internet connection at the building.bob

      On Oct 9, 2013 10:09 PM, <streyle.j@...> wrote:

      QST ...- ...- ...-

      http://www.scouting.org/jota.aspx   What do we need to do as a club to get ready for JOTA (next week Saturday, the 19th)?

      I'm guessing that the main thing is to make sure we've got a good working HF setup(s), at the Red Cross. Seems like we should check that out in advance.

      Jim - what's the status of room(s) at the Red Cross for the 19th?

      Voice and PSK 31 seem like likely choices. If we're going to try and run 2 stations at once, we need to make sure they don't overload each other. What bands do we want to try?

      Do we want to have the scouts build a little 555-oscillator, and try sending a little code to each other (while they're waiting for a turn at the radio) ? What pieces will we need? Who's going to supervise that activity? Jerry said he had some of the pieces to do that - maybe a breadboard setup - no need to fuss with soldering - ?

      Any thoughts?

      John W8QZ

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