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2399GRARA Website Has been re-certified virus free.

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  • mike_w8der
    Oct 6, 2013
      Good news!  As you may know, the http://www.w8dc.org was tagged by Google as a suspect virus attack website.  Apparently the tool we have been using for years as a page access counter (bottom of home page) has the same name as a new virus on the web.  Still we take this sort of warning quite seriously. 

      We have removed the page access counter so the Google crawler will be happy.  Then we completely erased the existing website, changed webteam access passwords, tested all pages in our backup files and them reloaded the website.  Then we tested the w8dc.org website with our anti-virus tools. 

      As a final step, we submitted the website to Google for testing on Friday.  This evening (Sunday) we were notified that our site passed their tests and we were taken off their suspect site list.  This list is used by the Chrome and Firefox web browsers to display a real scary warning message.  If you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer, you didn't see the  "suspect site" message.

      We also signed-up for Google to notify us by email immediately if they suspect any problem again in the future.  It is smart to be careful in this crazy world.

      It has been long weekend.  Did we miss the contest?

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