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  • pobox740
    May 10, 2013
      Hello to all my friends back up north.
      I have been down here in Tampa, fl for about 3 weeks, and no job yet.
      I was promised one down here, but the powers that be decited not to higher me. Oh well....
      I have made some contacts on the local 2-m repeters, and a few simplex nets, also.
      I have herd from some down here, that if you go to Key west you can get in to a 2-m repeter in Cuba.
      And all it takes, is a 25W rig, with a 5/8 wave ant.
      May drivedown there after I get a job, and get some time off.
      To all that will be in the 5/3 RBR, have fun.
      Timothy kb8afs