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**********GRAPJAS**********1 April 1999/52

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    Hi Welkom by die eerste aflewering van GRAPJAS, ons eie Afrikaanse Lag_ n_dag. The jokes will be in English on days with uneven dates and in Afrikaans on days
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 1999

      Welkom by die eerste aflewering van GRAPJAS, ons eie
      Afrikaanse Lag_'n_dag. The jokes will be in English on days
      with uneven dates and in Afrikaans on days with even dates.
      Omdat dit vandag ons eerste aflewering is, sluit ons 'n
      Afrikaanse grappie ook in. Geniet dit! Just remember, we
      don't pull punches, we say something the way we see it, so if
      you are easily offended, stuur dan GRAPJAS aan vir jou
      verligte maatjie, okei? (Hey!!! Lekker Afrikaanse woord daai!)
      We had a bit of a problem with the Grapjas homepage, but
      it will be available over the weekend, so look out for the
      announcement in coming issues. Ons het tot 'n kinderhoekie*


      A travelling salesman finds himself stranded with a broken fanbelt,
      in the middle of nowhere, somewhere west of Pofadder*. Night is
      falling and all he can see is a dim flickering light in the distance.
      He sets off towards it and finally comes to a small farmhouse.
      He knocks on the door and explains his plight to the farmer.

      The farmer says: "Man, I've got a big family. You got two choices.
      You can share a single bed with the baby or sleep in the barn with
      the livestock."

      The salesman immediately opts for the barn. (naturally!)

      Early the next morning he is woken up by an absolutely luscious
      young 18 year old girl, rosy cheeks, bouncing breasts and
      stunning figure, who has come to milk the goats.

      She says: "Morning sir! I'm the baby of the family, who are you?"

      He replies: "I'm just the blerrie* poephol* who chose to sleep
      in the barn!"

      Thanks to Eugene Griesel who sent it to Mirojo who sent it to
      Pix who sent it to Grapjas and now you can pass it on to
      whoever your heart desires, as long as you mention that it comes
      from GRAPJAS!!


      * Pofadder=A small little town in the middle of nowhere, halfway between here and there.
      * bleddie=Afrikaans for bloody (Ook maar bleddie stupid, ne!)
      * Poephol = arsehole
      * Kinderhoekie=Kiddie's Corner available soon


      (Sorry guys, the following only works in Afrikaans)

      Nou met die integrasie in die skole het die volgende staaltjie werklik

      Die Juffrou vra die kinders uit na die betekenisse van verskillende
      woorde in Afrikaans. Dit gaan goed tot sy vra wie weet wat "halsstarrig"
      beteken. Niemand wil 'n antwoord waag nie.

      "Kom nou klas! Wil iemand nie eers waag nie?" wil sy weet.

      Naderhand steek 'n swart seuntjie sy hand op.

      "Ja Simon. Weet jy wat halsstarrig beteken?"

      "Ek hy denk so, Miss." kom Simon se antwoord. "Ons hy ry saam by die
      bes. Nou die bes hy is vol van die tombi's en pikaninies wat by die
      skool loop. Nou een hy het banja stenk gapoep!* Nou des banja koud
      en die vensteres van die bes hy es almal toe! Nou ons almal ons
      halsstarrag asem!"

      Die een kom van Koi.


      * Hou die blinkkant bo=Keep the sunny side up
      * gapoep=gepoep=farted


      South Africans home and abroad - Join GRAPJAS
      Some of the jokes will be in english with an Afrikaans flavour or bilingual,
      "djulle wiet, sommer in 2 tales affie Kaap af!"
      Jokes will be sent 6 days a week (Sondae rus ons) with a cartoon
      on Saturdays.
      Subscribe now by sending blank email to subscribe@...
      Stuur grappies aan grapjas@...

      Cheers until tomorrow and hou die blinkkant bo!*

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