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Re: RE: fingerpicking/sparing the nails

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  • Zeek Duff
    ... I ve been fingerpicking steel string acoustics, electrics, and nylon stringed guitars for over 45 years, 35+ professionally. Gelatin capsules are the BEST
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002
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      > Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 19:04:07 -0400
      > From: Cristóbal De Jesús <toby@...>
      > Subject: RE: fingerpicking/sparing the nails
      > To me this is very important information. I'm constantly watching my
      > fingernails for optimum condition. After training for so many years using
      > my fingernails I would be sad to have to switch techniques because of
      > fingernail health.
      > How strict I am with this? Well, every time I bruise a fingertip or
      > accidentally separate the fingernail from the tip (more often that it should
      > because of my job) I have to stop playing. This is to make sure it heals
      > the best it can, some times up to 45 days.
      > I have a friend of mine that became infected with some king of fungus, which
      > affected his fingernails. He says that it is hard to cure. Would you
      > comment on this, please?
      > Toby
      > Paz para Vieques
      > P.S. Fingernails pick strings, strings drive pickup, pickup drives GR-33.
      > Loose, but the relevance is there. I promise not to ask again. :)
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      > Subject: Re: [GR-30] fingerpicking/sparing the nails
      > Fingernails grow at rates of 0.5-1.2mm per week, average 1.0mm/week,
      > with variation between people and even between individual fingers.
      > Large doses of water soluble vitamins tend to be safe (much safer than
      > fat soluble hyper-supplementation), but caution should still be
      > exercised. Excess vit C for example, can lead to precipitation in the
      > kidneys (at levels around 4000mg per day for adults), but whether even
      > that would be clinically significant, I dont know. I just heard about
      > that occurring at those levels.
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      > > Subject: Re: [GR-30] fingerpicking/sparing the nails
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      > > ...
      > > An unsolicited comment about nails: I too played classical for years,
      > > but recently (last 2 years), have been playing almost exclusively,
      > > fingerpicked steel string (with the exception of the midi guitars [godin
      > > and brian moore]). My nail would wear down some if I played alot, but
      > > then this last spring, they started pealing. I've been playing for 30
      > > years, and that was the worst it's ever been- one nail would literally
      > > peal down to the nail bed. A lady friend of mine who had seen a
      > > dermatologist about peeling nails, suggested taking Biotin in
      > > conjunction with use of a nail polish called NailTek (also seen as
      > > Nailtiques). Well, now my nails are the best they've ever been in 30
      > > years. It was recommended by the dermalogist in taking Biotin 2500mcg
      > > (2.5mg)/day. It's a huge dose, but being a related to B vitamins, it's
      > > water soluble, meaning that your body will eliminate any extra it
      > > doesn't use. So essentially, there are no side effects. Since then, I've
      > > read in places on the net, of using that same dosage for nails. Well,
      > > it's worked! If you can't get a nylon godin, and your concerned about
      > > your nails, I whole heartedly recommend this regime. The dermatologist
      > > told my friend that she might have to take biotin for 6 months before
      > > seeing any change. It took me 2 months before I saw any changes.

      I've been fingerpicking steel string acoustics, electrics, and nylon stringed guitars for over 45 years, 35+ professionally. Gelatin capsules are the BEST thing to stimulate growth and nail
      flexibility. I take two per day, have for many years.

      The great Brazilian guitarist Paulinho Nogueira also fingerpicked a steel string acoustic and did it with heavy strings and high action, as well as high tuning needed to keep the neck of the
      old ax more or less straight; proving it can be done, even without access to "sophisticated materials."

      I started using Super Glue to reinforce my nails over 25 years ago, and find that a thick coating, but thinner than applied acrylic nails (about 1/16") works great. Nail fungus isn't a
      problem unless you allow cracks in the nail edge and/or surface to become and remain dirty. There are numerous treatments, but hygiene is paramount. I tend my nails daily, as needed.

      Beyond that, you can do as much MIDI fingerpicking as with a pick, and of course, far more. :) For my MIDI guitar, I have a GK2a on a Jackson PS-4 (Strat config) with .010s and a GR-30.
      Fingerpicking works just fine on it. There are also classical MIDI guitars such as the Godin, if you want to stay with the flat fingerboard and wide neck that you're used to.



      -- =---Don't tolerate intolerance! Support freedom and human rights!---= --

      L.G. "Zeek" Duff
      Blue Wall Studio

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