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GR-30 xml midname file?

Hello, I am trying to find a proper midname xml file for the GR-30. I dont have midiquest pro.. but i understand it allows exporting a GR-30 midname file. I
Apr 14

FOR SALE: Custom Midi Telecaster Deluxe with full GraphTech Ghost.

-Custom Midi Telecaster Deluxe with full GraphTech Ghost system. -Little used Roland GR-33, never taken from my studio or stepped on with shoes.
May 5, 2014

For Sale: Shadow Guitar Synth System mega-rare floor unit system

Hi all, I have a very rare Shadow Guitar Synth floor system, the SH-22 and SH-27 package with the 1550 MU dedicated pickup, 300 sounds, hold function, full
May 5, 2014

Re: hacked email

...and if you've had some from my email account, the reason is the same.... Dunno exactly from where my account was hacked, but it has been happening for the
Peter Harris
Mar 6, 2014

hacked email

hey--- if you received an email from my yahoo account yesterday just before 5pm, it was not from me. it appears that my email account was hacked or whatever.
Daniel Baraszu
Mar 5, 2014

Re: GR 33 and GR55

Same issue here - I bought a GR55 fully expecting it would be an "upgrade" of a GR33 - where as in truth it's closer to a "cut down" hybrid of a GRxx and a
Feb 25, 2014

Ibanez Mikro talks now to the GR-30

My Ibanez Mikro connects to the GR-30 now nearly invisible. I squeezed Roland's GK-kit into it. I'd love to hear what you think about it.Check it out here:
Aug 25, 2013

RE: [GR-30] Re: GR-33 editor in Windows 8

Wow, thanks for all the answers, I’ll try XP emulation first and if not, go for a better cable (yikes!) Regards Enviado con Correo de Windows De: gouge1lt
Victor Diaz
Jun 10, 2013

Re: GR-33 editor in Windows 8

Hey there. I remember having to use a pc card with a joystick port and midi adapter because the USB - midi was too fast for the old hardware. That was in XP
Jun 6, 2013

Re: GR-33 editor in Windows 8

I agree to first try running the editor in XP mode. Of that does not work though... You might try using an old xp machine, which is the generation of the
Jun 5, 2013

Re: GR-33 editor in Windows 8

Hi Pepe, I don't know if it will work, but you can try running the software in XP emulation mode. The problem is probably that the DLL's Grapelight uses are
Ken Coughlin
Jun 2, 2013

Re: GR-33 editor in Windows 8

The answer is within your own statement "Using a cheap USB to Midi cable" They tend to work fine with simple/short note on and program change messaging, but
Jun 2, 2013

GR-33 editor in Windows 8

Hello, I just upgraded my computer to a brand new machine, of course with Windows 8. Using a cheap USB to Midi cable, I connected the GR-33 to the computer, so
Pepe Blanes
Jun 2, 2013

Re: Grapelight or similar editor for GR-33

Thanks never tried it. Cheers Inviato da Yahoo! Mail su Android [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
marcus gaudio
Feb 11, 2013

Re: Grapelight or similar editor for GR-33

No. Grapelight and Visual Editor are for the GR-33 only. But there is a good editor for the GR-30. Church in the files section.
Feb 11, 2013
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