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15035RE: [GR-30] Re: gr-33 checksum errors

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  • Andy Citron
    Jul 25, 2012
      Thanks for taking an interest in this problem.

      You asked:

       1. Are these patches that you created and saved, or ones you downloaded?
      ==> All of the above.
      These sets of patches were gotten from a variety of sources.
      - the built in out of the box patches
      - the built in patches tweaked by me
      - brand new patches built by me from the built-in instruments
      - downloaded patches from the gr-33 yahoo groups
      - the downloaded patches tweaked by me.

      I've used various gr-33 editors to modify and save the patches:
      - GR33 Visual Editor
      - Grapelight GR33

       2. Are they sets of patches or individual patches?
      ==> Sets of patches.

      As you requested, I zipped-up a few of the problematic sets of patches and uploaded them to this group.  Look for the file from Andy Citron with the name ACitronCheckSumProbPatchSet.zip

      Of the few patch sets I've zipped up, I'm not sure all give me checksum error problems when downloading. 
      It seems the download problem is intermittent, but it might not be intermittent for one or more of the sets of patches.  Many of the same individual patches are in more than one .g33 file.

      Given all the different sources and editing techniques, its not terribly surprising that something might have gotten corrupted.

      I connect the gr-33 to a pc.  I also connect a vg-88 to the pc without problems using the same hardware.  So I'm fairly certain it is not a hardware/hookup problem.

      I've even had the checksum problem with 2 different PCs and running different versions of motu midi driver software.  That points to a problem with one of the patches. 

      How do we figure out which one?

      A secondary question:  I uploaded my current set of patches from the GR-33 using Bome's sendsx.  That creates a syx file.  How do I get that into gr-33 visual editor or grapelight.  Renaming the file from .syx to .g33 doesn't work.  What's the preferred way of uploading a full set of patches from the gr-33 to the pc?

      Thanks for the help.
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