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15033gr-33 checksum errors

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  • andycitron
    Jul 20, 2012
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      I know this is primarily a gr-30 discussion group, but the gr-33 group seems to have succumbed to spam. So I'll ask here.

      I have some sets of gr-33 patches that I've edited on a PC using grapelight or gr-33 visual editor. When I attempt to download them to the gr-33 I sometimes (always?) get a checksum error.

      This set of patches has been edited, uploaded, downloaded and otherwise been manipulated in lots of different ways. No telling when or how one of the patches got corrupted.

      Its hard for me to tell which patch or patches might be corrupted.

      Is there a good method or program to figure out which patch might have a bit out of place? How do I go about finding and fixing the corrupted patch?

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