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15026Re: [GR-30] Why to change my EX for a 99?

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  • Davor Pavuna
    Feb 14, 2012
      >You have to be also a patient tweaker to get the best out of
      >Roland... lots of parameters...Djordje

      The sonic circumstances change dramatically from venue to venue, so it is much
      faster and instantly rewarding to use LIVE my all tube Fender DeLuxe Reverb
      with TC Electronic NOVA System (& Morley Wah-volume & ZEN drive).

      To tweak all the stage tones in advance costs too much of my time, so that's
      why I do NOT use any of these VG or GR units for my basic stage tone!

      I add the GR-33 or GR-55 for extra sounds/effects as an extension.

      ... for home use and recordings the GR-55 is probably the most useful at
      present and I use the Godin XT SA guitar or (maybe soon) the new Fender GC1.


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