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Re: [GPSL] Flying with the schools

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  • Joe
    isn t that sooo very sad?
    Message 1 of 34 , May 1, 2009
      isn't that sooo very sad?

      BASE wrote:
      Joe and friends,

      I have found that the schools are more willing to work with us when I can point to specific academic (science) standards that have been established for their grade level by our state department of education.  In Indiana, this means that it is easier to fly in high schools with an Earth Science class than with an advanced chemistry or physics class.  To fly with fourth graders emphasize air, wind, and weather, with fifth graders - fly an experiment that looks at changes in matter during and after a flight.

      Last year, even with standard identification, our offer to fly was only accepted by 10 teachers out of a a pool of 150+.


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    • wb8elk@aol.com
      Hi Paul, Actually there are many folks in AMSAT who have an interest in Near Space....I attended the AMSAT conference last October in Atlanta and presented a
      Message 34 of 34 , May 3, 2009
        Hi Paul,
          Actually there are many folks in AMSAT who have an interest in Near Space....I attended the AMSAT conference last October in Atlanta and presented a talk on Near Space and using it as a way to test out satellite transponders....there was another talk that included Near Space from the Auburn folks and yet another group from Miami talked about balloons as a stepping stone to satellite payload research. I discussed flying an SDR (software defined radio) system similar to that going up in SuitSat2 on a balloon and that received some interest in doing that as well.
          AMSAT actually does have a NearSpace link on their website but it hasn't been updated for awhile.
          As to working with the FAA....EOSS has a great relationship with the FAA and if any rule changes are forthcoming....we could start with that relationship.....also I attended a conference in Iowa a couple years ago that was focused on Near Space....there are several big companies that operate under Part 101....Space Data...and NearSpace Corp....I'm certain that they both have a voice and some clout as any changes to Part 101 would tremendously affect them. At that Smallstat conference I talked with the fellow who heads the FAA department that deals with scientific and sounding balloons (he presented a talk about the possibility of balloons striking aircraft)......a handful of near misses and one possible strike with no damage after 60 years of ballooning.....he's a very approachable and open person...I'll look up his contact info. However, I'd advise not asking for clarifications or updates to the rules unless we get word that there appears to be a rule change in the works since government rule changes usually are MORE restrictive than less.
        - Bill WB8ELK
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